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03 Aug 2010
PostedDec 04, 2012 2:37 am

EKS looking to pick a team, free mumble server & website

Evil Keyboard Smashers is a multi-gaming clan. We pride ourselves in our well organized structure and gaming integrity. EKS was founded after the closure of Hard2Kill in 2009 by Boogerman. Our vision from the very beginning was to be a very well respected and fun clan.

Each member of our clan has to follow our rules and abide by them. Our players strive to do the best they can to perform in every game we play.Our team is dedicated on working together and competing to the best of our abilities ! Evil Keyboard Smashers is happy to be back on map and we hope you enjoy your stay !

Thank you !


Hi, my name is Boogerman I was also known as Rampage on I also used to be the Leader of Equality gaming. I'm sure some of the old players will remember us. I am the new Leader of EKS and I'm looking to pick up a team of around 5-10 players to join EKS.

What are the benefits ?

You will be provided with a free high quality mumble server, open 24/7 hours a day and you will have a website : and all the necessary tools to have a better structured clan !

Why ?

I simply want to contribute to the A.V.A community by bringing a clan with a respected name, just plain fun and an enjoyable atmosphere for your clan !

How to join us ?

Simple, visit our official website : and submit an application or send me a message. You can also come on our official mumble server and discuss with us !

My contact informations :
Xfire : sunsrise
Steam : Bezols
Skype : Hircines

I will take into consideration any type of application.

Take care !

P.S website is currently down please use my other type of form contact.
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