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09 Feb 2012
Virginia United States
PostedDec 03, 2012 10:46 pm

I want an active guild ;O

[b] My name is Addison, and I'll be coming back to Eden Eternal.
I really had a blast a few months ago with my friends who quit, then I quit with them because I didn't really want to play without them! But this game is just to much fun!!
So I want to come back to EE by myself, and this time... find a great guild!

My character is going to be a cleric and I'm level... 1 LOL!
I just wanted to find a guild first before playing.. if that's okay with anyone XD
Any guilds with no level requirements at the moment, come and talk to me Very Happy
I've already tried getting into one guild, but it's been a few days now and he's not answering back... so, not dedicated much? Or just not paying attention on the forums/messages? >.>

Anyways, I want someone who'll look out for me and wait patiently for me to join the guild xD
I want an active, social, friendly guild who's dedicated and wants to experience this world of EE with me until the end, lvl cap, epic armor, Guild vs Guild, and so much more.
So basically, I'm looking for a guild that I can stick to for like... months! Maybe even year!
I love family guilds and making new friends there ^_^

I DON'T like joining guilds, that's very small and then doesn't recruit many members in like.... 2 weeks then suddenly just disband a guild 0_o I'm not into guilds like that.

Reason why I'm not starting the game yet, until I get a reply from someone... is because I have this same exact thread (Copy and pasted) on the other server, just waiting to see who REALLY wants a new friendly, social, member like me who's gonna stay in the guild for a longgggggg time, I'm very loyal :O

Looking forward to hearing some replies, or just one, whichever :3


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08 Jan 2008
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PostedDec 03, 2012 11:39 pm


Always welcome
No level requirements - Look for us _FairyTail_ lvl 4 guild and going.

Started From the bottom now my whole guild here.


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26 Aug 2012
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PostedDec 07, 2012 9:54 am
Hoiii c: you could also join Hallowed if you wish to. We're a pretty nice and openminded guild.
Well good luck if you haven't found any.

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