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13 Mar 2008
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PostedDec 06, 2012 2:57 am
Realm vs. Realm Feedback
-More RvR zones
-Realm Buff
-Time length
-Numbers of battle
-Hide Campfire
-More factions
-Battle announcement/ clock
-Teleporter for Evene Town
-Modify Glory Point
-Stagnant on Bridge will be ported
-Capping number of entries
-Debuff on bridge
-Easy way for Guilds to switch side
-Incentive to fight

In regards to RvR, it was alright/fun, team work is needed to work and ALOT of players to help you win the Reumon capture.. You get glory every-time you participate. 500 glory for winning realm. 200 glory for the trying realm. Everything was nice. mostly RvR was about the amount of people that showed up. it wasnt about how good you were or how much damage you did. It was about teamwork and support. The More poeple showed up. the easier it was for your realm to win. when I was playing in closed beta. RvR was fun at first and then it just got lame. cuz Dionne Realm had alot of poeple and there wasnt enough EOS realm to conquer Dionne. why? idk. in the game. it said that 50% were EOS and the other half were Dionne. and bearly any EOS realm showed up. maybe they were scared... WEll it was still worth trying. someitmes. Dionne backed off and we got to push a little. anyways. pvp based experience is great.

The Debbufs on the bridge were frustrating. because pretty much you have a alot of them waiting for you and once you jump in for some action. all a shadow mage has to do is stun you for 8seconds. meanwhile you have a stun that doesnt even last 3 seconds. thats fun. and then once your stunned. well. your dead because you have 10 killing you.

Once returning for another RvR and you die alot. you lose 50 glory for every death you have. , in that case. whats the point of doing RvR if what you won from last RvR, your losing the present RvR? I think that could be improved. which way? well. basically. once you die, you dont lose glory points. if that were to be fixed, youd probably have more players doing RvR then just sitting arround doing nothing. now that was disappointing cuz then I wouldn't try anymore. its not encouraging. theres maybe more problems with RvR but I think this is the biggest one.

Yes, there could be more RvR battle grounds for different types of lvls so we can have more action. it would be great to see that.

Well. for more Factions, I agree and disagree. unlike when in Closed Beta. is was EOS vs Dionne realm. I think 2 more factions could be introduced to the players. Making it more challenging once RvR starts. No alliance what so ever cuz that wouldnt be fair at all. maybe for guilds in the same realm but not realm aliiance. heck no.

Lastly. was the annoucement/clock. When im grinding/lvling well. I didnt quite see or notice when RvR was going to start without having them to tell me. I never quite saw it pop infront of my screen in letters saying RvR starts in 30min or so. maybe, if that could be used. would be greatly aprreicaited. having the announcement pop infront at the top of your sreeen.

Either then that. I think RvR was alright. could of been better then what I thought about at first but it was a closed beta. we were here to experience your server.
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