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19 Feb 2010
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[Help Desk] Most problems with solutions here! [Help Desk]

Hello guys, since I found in this section many people have problems with various things related to the game client it self. I will provide fixes for these problems. If you have a problem which isn't listed here look at the bottom of this whole post where it includes my contact information.

*NOTE* Messing with the game files can result in a ban. I highly suggest not messing/touching the game files. *NOTE*

Common Problem #1: When I login, the game shows the A.V.A splash screen but then immediately closes. Why does this happen?

Resolution: This error occurs when someone or something messed with the log files.
To fix this, please PM me for the log files. Or just run the patcher it should download the new ones. Please take a look at *NOTE*. Attempting to fix an error isn't bad, but messing with files for other stuff can result into a ban.

Common Problem #2: The game loads, but then says " Failed to connect to server". Why?

Resolution: With a very simple resolution, the servers are offline. That's why its showing that error.

Common Problem #3: How can I improve my FPS or PING?

Resolution: If you want to improve these two things "Ping & FPS" then try the tips below.

Tip #1: Try to download a program like Game Booster.
Tip #2: Lower your graphics to lower settings.
Hint #1: Your ping is mostly determine by the location of Aeria Games servers. The farther you are the more ping.

Common problem #4: Why do games disconnect randomly in game?

Resolution: this mainly occurs due to many people playing the game. Also some people usually hack and in co-op the use hacks to farm certain things. Therefore, it increases (by a lot) the server's usage.

Finally, if you have a different error which isn't listed above please PM me or add my skype- avaisbest . If you don't look at this thread and make a thread your self, I will assist you on your thread. I will add many "common" errors with resolutions to this thread constantly. Thanks and hope I've helped you to resolve your errors!

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