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The Eternal Player: Chapter 3

A/n: I do not own Eden Eternal, but the OCs & game character I use. I will add some of my friends in the story from the online game. Enjoy the fan fiction ;D

Chapter 3: The Beginning of a Journey... and Warning

I always wanted to become a Templar throughout the entire time, but I took caution for the price of being one

“Does that mean I can become a Templar anytime I want?” I asked her

“I’m afraid not…it seems your skills are not good enough in these classes…” Marie replied

“You’re kidding right!? Do you know how many days it took me to get to Lvl 57 on my character!? And get the Knight class and Cleric class to almost to Lvl 55!!” I snapped at her

“Yes… I did… but if you want to get back to your world, I suggest you listen closely… and I know you will not like it” Marie stated

My anger lowered as I glanced at her for what she is about to say

“If you die the 70th time and not reaching Lvl 50... you’ll have no chance to return to your world… ever” Marie said

That gave a shock there, I hate dying when monsters gang up on me... whats worst was when you reach your character lvl to 30, you will lose a lot of exp and durability. But still, this challenge is the only way for me to get back home

"I accept the challenge" I replied

"Very well... and the class you've chosen is Templar... thus, the knight and cleric will be available to you... you will meet other players like yourself in different classes... but one of them will be in the darkness..." Marie continued

"...I do have a question... why am I wearing a Warrior class outfit in the first place?" I asked

"Think of it as... a beginner class for yourself" Marie replied

"Okay... weird..." I mumbled

"From this day forth your journey begins... all you have to do is clear a dungeon that is filled with darkness... once you fill them with light, I shall tell you where you need to go..." Marie said

"Got it..." I stated

As I left her cottage, my journey has begun. Deln was nice enough to hand me supplies for my quest, the first one was in Tranquil Hill as I head through the portal. However a girl in Magician clothing smirked evilly as she disappeared into the darkness

To be continued...
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