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02 Aug 2012
PostedNov 29, 2012 3:54 pm

Livestreams, Aeria (GM's), YT videos and AP

Hope to get some constructive critism and that this topic doesn't get spammed by forum stars comparing their e-peen'.


I thought Aeria could encourage AvA players to livestream by:
- Creating an own livestream just for AvA on, or any other streaming site
- Promoting the livestream everywhere (website, ingame* and in the forum)
- Support those, who livestream by giving them AP to buy new weapons and show them to the viewers or create new "Streaming-Accounts", where all weapons are on (i.e. Stream_Snaes, Stream_Shovel, Stream_sh3ll, or whoever would actually do those livestreams)
- Setup (small) AP-Codes or 7-day capsule weapons who will be given away during the stream (300-500AP)
- Streamer should be able to answer questions about the game
- Doing Viewer-Games (play with viewers together)

*: through the banners and shout-outs from GM's

One (or more) GM(s) (or anyone else from the AvA-Team) should also stream on the channel, daily for about 2h:
- Doing update previews together with experienced and/or competetive AvA players who could give tips on how to mod the new guns, how they would play on certain maps/new gamemodes, etc.
- Doing Viewer-Games (play with viewers together)
- Playing the game

Also stream all tournaments on that channel.

Promote new videos of those who make AvA-Videos on the website:
- You just released a new gun? Make a contest!
___- Best gameplay video/montage (choosen 50/50 by community and the AvA-Team) will be posted on the website
___- Winner gets some kind of new hat, which could kinda look like this (with 08 or 09 helmet stats, else its useless):

what do u think?

yes, a lot is from hi-rez' stream. i do find they do a fantastic job and there are always 400-1200 people watching.
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