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Signature Information

A lil info on signatures, and how to make them
Signatures can be made with 2 well known programs.

Gimp 2.6

Tutorials for Signaure making on Gimp

Tutorials for Signature making on PS

How to use my Signature?

1.Go to Settings
2.Go to About Me tab.
3.Copy and Paste the IMG code inside the signature box provided.
4.Type the 2 silly words and click Submit.

Where to find the IMG Code?
You can use the website to upload your siganture.
1.Once you have uploaded your sig click on your uploaded sig image.
2.On the right side you will find a "Image Links" box.
3.Copy the "IMG Code" and follow the steps in "How to use my Signature".

Another way is by Right clicking on the signature and Click on
"Copy Image Url" then put the link in the IMG code brackets.
Example:[IMG] IMAGE/Signature URL HERE[/IMG]

Friendly Virtual ID Image Reminders

1.Avatars must be no more than 200x200 pixels and no more than 60kb in file size and must not be offensive.

2.Signatures will not exceed a width of 700 pixels or a height of 200 pixels (700x200 = max), and a file size of 120kb


3.Signatures may not directly link to an automatic Karma Rating, or 3rd party website.

4.If any picture avatars that do not meet this guideline, they will be removed without notice

Current Open Signature Shops

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