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30 Apr 2012
PostedNov 22, 2012 5:44 pm

Tking Me in Game and Dc kicking me report this please

Hoping for taking action for this report of behavior they should get banned
I hope this issue will resolve due to the gift of pick up weapon and quick weapon switch players are caught tking other players they said its not bannable well we don't know unless aeria said its not bannable right?I want to avoid this issue may cause others troubles of DC kicking due to low of internet connection its not their fault of the players some players who kick don't know that they DC kick other people but they know this issue. And DC kicking is started when ijji not merge to aeria hope this will solve. And please Warn those people who TK other people or players if caught having screenshots will be more prof to banned those people Here are some prof of my screenshot:

PS. I hope this help I will report more people who abuse and cheats to the players who will cause the game troubles cheaters never win winners never cheat remember that caught please from PSF Community in the Philippines
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