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05 Jan 2009
PostedNov 21, 2012 10:13 pm

Apocalyps Server, Player Hosted Contest

Hey all! I run alliance quests occasionaly, and will be running on this Saterday 24/11/2012
This is done on my own and is not hosted by Ariea, it is player done so please do not send in tickets or what not to them. I have decided that i would like the community to have a chance to play too as it is a lot of fun =)
This week I will be doing Famous Movie Quotes. What i want from the participants is the name of the movie, and the bonus answer is the name of the actor or character as well.
So Name of movie and name of the char or actor either is fine.
There will be three winners one winner per round. If you won a round already you will not be eligable to win any more. One winner per round.
My helper will be announced in WC and you can submit your answers in WC. she/he will keep track of winners. They prizes are of my choice and will be in the mail so winners please check your mail carefully. Googling is allowed but please remember if you google some one may answer before you. first correct answer is winner.
I will be starting contest one hour before quest reset, as i am a Working Gal if i am late please forgive me and know we will start as soon as I get home, Will try very hard not to be late. the quotes will be in the system announcement so be watchful, do not submit your answers untill you see the word GO! as that indicates end of quote.
Have fun and see ya all there on Saterday =)
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