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02 Jan 2007
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PostedNov 21, 2012 6:51 pm

Recreation Doubler

Hiya Guys and Gals!

I'm here to introduce the New Recreation Doubler! This is a New Service that allows a user to Double a Orange Stat on 1 Item.

How does it work?
- First the item must have Orange Stats! After your Item has Orange Stats you can use a Recreation Doubler to Double any 1 of the Orange Stats.

What Rules apply to the Recreation Doubler?
- A Recreation Double can Not be used on HP/MP/SP.
- Only 1 Recreation Doubler can be used on any 1 item.
--- (You CAN NOT use 2 Rec Doublers on the same item)
- Your Item Must have Orange Stats to apply a Recreation Doubler.

Is there anything else I need to know?
- The Recreation Doubler Can be applied to an Item with Max OJ Stats already on the item.
- The Place Holder for the Recreation Doubler is : Troll of Tear A
- If you use the Recreation Doubler on a Stat that already has been Max OJed then the Stat is Doubled.

Example-- You could double the OJ stat for STR on your sword:
Render's Battle Sword
STR 100 +45 <--Use the Rec Doubler here, and OJ stat becomes +90 (45 x 2)
DEX 84 +42
REC 99 +46
WIS 310 +6
INT 211 +8
LUC 30 +11

Looking to provide feedback on this Service and or Promotions? Feel free to do so Here
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