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11 Jan 2008
PostedNov 23, 2012 11:24 am
I think Ruemon should be left the way it is.
People who want to go to Ruemon, go to it.
Those who don't, don't. It just happened that most of the players were on Dione.

Ruemon works, for what it was intended. The realm that wants the buff/PvP more, wins it.
If you change the mechanics any more than length or amount of Ruemon battles. Such as increased reward or a buff for the outnumbered players, than you end up with a bigger problem.
If you give a buff to the side with less players, then you will get people flaming the weak players for being in Ruemon. "OMG WTF are you doing in Ruemon at level 24? You are giving them a buff making it hard for us. GTFO you **** nub."
If you give a bigger reward to the winning team, you just increase the imbalance beyond what it is now.

I think the problem comes from a lack of other avenues of PvP.
If there were other battlegrounds and forms of PvP, then there wouldn't be any problems.
The few Eos that want to PvP, could go get it there instead of the ENTIRE REALM VS REALM battle.
When you allow unlimited access to a field of PvP 1 side will almost always dominate.
Granted, if you removed the timeframe from Ruemon, and left it open all day. You would see the buff switch sides a little bit.
Dione players might log off, Eos might log on....Creating another imbalance in favor of EoS, but then when Dione players log back in, it's back to the way it was...

If you put two kids in a playground and tell them to fight out their problems. The stronger one will win.
Whether the strength be more intelligent, or physically bigger, the stronger one still wins.
The only way this changes is when the kids change, not the playground.

So, my feedback on RvR is leave it the way it is. With the added caveat that you add more avenues of PvP.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you take it into consideration.


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03 Nov 2012
PostedNov 26, 2012 3:04 am
RvR is actually good. Too bad that Eos always loses because of the lack of manpower. It really poses a great challenge to players.


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27 Nov 2010
PostedNov 26, 2012 4:40 am
I agree Syn. I personally feel that Ruemon has improved massively over the past few days as Eos Players really begin to take part. It's a bonus to have closer RVR's everyday, and I hope this continues. More regular Ruemons seem to be an important thing to have for OB.

A slight imbalance always creates more of a challenge, thus meaning it becomes more than just 'Winning a Buff'.


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14 Aug 2010
PostedNov 27, 2012 5:44 pm
The issue is one side is so out massed by the other that it is not worthwhile to even show up.
This last battle I just gave up trying.
Walk onto the bridge and before you can cast anything you are dead if you are EOS.
They need to balance the teams, balance the realms, or add a 3rd faction so the winner of one battle must fight the other 2 in defending the city.
Right now its just not worth playing. esp for casters.

To the person wanting world pvp, I hope not, the world would be one faction with no pvp, no one could play Eos and level.
All the major PVP guilds went to one realm, no fun in that.


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12 Dec 2010
PostedDec 01, 2012 3:11 am
What I want for future Ruemons would be that the winning team has the honor to receive special resources or something to actually fight at Ruemon for, not just meaningless battles. EoS and Dione Factions would be ideal to have even man and fire power for a better gaming experience but nothing's perfect, I'm pretty sure that this will happen in the long run anyways.
What I would love though, is that the RvR location to be in its own, bigger map so that more people can participate.


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18 Jun 2010
PostedDec 02, 2012 5:17 am
This is one thing I noticed during CB on one of the shadowmages I rolled.

During RvR, I hadn't picked a realm. I could not attack, nor be attacked. However, I could still heal the one person in my party. More or less a test to see if this would work, and it did. I'm sure everyone could see how severely this would effect RvR.

Now. My suggestion is not to make choosing a realm mandatory, I think people should be given time to weigh their options considering. I think people without a realm should be unable to enter RvR to prevent this from happening.


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09 Sep 2012
PostedDec 02, 2012 10:06 am
lol you right


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09 Jan 2012
PostedDec 04, 2012 2:32 pm

graphics glitch

when i got to the first set of wolves i had a graphics glitch, most of the screen went white unless i turned to look in a specific direction. and when i changed resolutions most of the white fog went away but i had this green streams running down the screen. that was before i entered the town fighting the wolves.
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