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22 May 2012
Biet-jann Israel
PostedNov 18, 2012 8:02 pm

Suggesting Some Events

Must see.. and Must be .. :P

Well I got in my mind some events i would like to share it .. they are cool events.

1st one Is points For playing Every mode its like .. play all modes each day you get 1 point .. you make A schudle or somthing for like 2 weeks.. who gets number of points win something ...

2sc Kills Event ... you have to ge an amount of kills in like 10 hours 100kill ... Wink ... something like that..

3rd Scrim Tournament .. thats make USF improves ... make it same as NATS and others .. it will be cool

4th Master Event.. Every Player have to train and teach other new players tactics or something .. Smile

more and more .. will be in few days

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