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16 Jun 2011
PostedNov 17, 2012 3:28 pm

"nerf" bug

some stats goes down without explication
Hello, i come here to report a bug that had happened to me 5th times before (4 times in arena, so annoying X_x), i did take some screenshoots about it, first let me detail it. (sry if its hard to understand bc of my english, my english is pretty poor)

first of all, this bug consist in that ur main stats gets reduced without u making any change in ur equipment, this have happened to me when i teleport t arena, maybe because of lag, but as an example:

with my illu "normally" i have this stats: m crit rate around 1.3k, cast spd around 500. and when this bug appears my m crit rate goes down to 900 aprox, and 300 cast spd, without me doing any change, i just queued to arena with the same equips and stuff and when i enter there my stats goes down (when this bug happened to me).

here u can see some screenshoots: <--- here my stats were back to normal after i lvled <--- normal stats

and here happened to me again: <--- after match stats.

so i wanna report this bug, i hope u can fix it soon bc is very annoying when this happens to u in arena X_x

if this happens to u it seems to get fixed after u teleport somewhere, change class, or lvl up

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