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02 Jul 2012
PostedNov 17, 2012 12:55 pm
The2009RKO wrote:
lNTERPOL wrote:
XiaoJyun wrote:

the bigger issues are the real no regs, when you are shooting players and there isnt even blood, because they have laggy hitbox, now that is annoying, and is redducks problem, basicaly the player model shows where he actualy isnt, when his hitbox is either slightly behind or in front of him  

Exactly! I told the same in another topic...

Sometimes you shoot exactly into the head from the close distance... and nothing!
And sometimes you shoot somewhere near the head and... Headshot!

And I know what the Range, Bloom and other stuff means... I'm not talking about those things right now.  

Totally agree with you guys.  

Stupid hitboxes everywhere and we can't even control them? They should at least try to match it up on every look on every movement on every angel 360 degrees and X, Y, and Z positions.

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