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25 Jun 2012
Toronto Canada
PostedNov 17, 2012 12:10 pm
MarinePro wrote:
BL00DYKiLL wrote:
As i said early ur just a noob coming to get attention n respect on forums coz u dont get much in game ...... U can stick only wid TopAngel n other OfficinaI ...... No matter hw much u try u wont get the same respect as tomer and n abt skills u do play nice but dat does'nt mean u should come n show off on forums ..... Just think abt it . Dont think ur just sooo pro if u only give hs ... Nt a big deal  

if you would listen a bit befor talking .. ffs i'm done with that forum , why ?
50% of the population here is dumbasses ..
he judged me cause i had ap without seeing me without it , and then when i kicked his ***
he is crying like a phag and still think that he is better then me ..
either case i'm done here , idiots..  

Before* I'm* This* are* Dumb asses* F*g * I'm*

Sorry just had to


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10 Oct 2012
United States
PostedNov 18, 2012 5:17 pm
MarinePro wrote:
tomerelazar wrote:
now its really the last time i comment here,
1.i never said no to 1 v 1 with u i said later when i had room and and u didnt show up after i gave it+now i wont do it just for u will be a bit raged Wink (im NOT scared of u its not the point.)
2.i just DONT care about u or ur friends so leave my life alone.
3.request close.

if u think ur pro whatever
ok ur pro. happy ?XD kiddo..  

oh well .. as predicted , you backed down and just as well commented again
your a **** obvious kid.
either way i proved my point for being better then you
all of that started cause he think that he is some kind of pro since he can't afford AP.
dont judge others , judge your self.
i'm done.  

You got one Hard of a complex. Win in game, fail at life...
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