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10 Nov 2012
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PostedNov 15, 2012 8:59 am

How I "hack" - Unedited gameplay

Ban more legit players
Got banned 2 days ago, which made me VERY angry:

Dear luvecho.0325,

This is a notice of a suspension of service to the luvecho.0325 account assigned to this e-mail address.
Service has been suspended from this account for: 'hacking'.

Nice thing is I sent a ban appeal and they unbanned me. BUT Team Aeria I want you to see this gameplay, how I play and please do not ban me in the future because of some ppl report me "hacking" all the time. Although there is plenty of games for me to play out there (I mainly play BF3, COD:BO2, NFS:MW, MOH:W and Crysis 2), I still like AVA a lot (I used to play in AVA when I was in China).

This is a gameplay of Rising Dust - Night, unedited, so you won't say "oh he cut all the hacking parts".

Sry you have to go to my YouTube Channel to see all of them, I divided the video into 5 parts since YouTube limits my video length.

And, if you are interested, check out my channel for some BF3 hack-proof videos (I got banned from at least 50 servers in North America for "hacking") and some BF3 camera tweaks.


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20 Apr 2010
PostedNov 17, 2012 5:48 am
Try to send a Ticket and ask for a 2nd Review on your account, maybe you lucky and you'll get you Account back.
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