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12 Aug 2008
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PostedNov 14, 2012 8:35 am

Gun Rangers

Hi all,
Recently, I've converted to Rangers after disliking Engineer gameplay (personally) and figured, since I have a bawse gun, why not use it on ranger in spite of losing arrow of fear and meteor shower. I lose all the AoE capabilities Rangers have (w/e limited it has anyways) and fear (which I can switch weapons to whenever I need to fear something).

However, I am loving the results. During trials, though I can't AoE everything, Im pretty adept at killing the tougher/fatter mobs or killing more effectively one by one quicker, which helps the party out, especially the tank. Plus, the tank only really would lose one monster if not OP, instead of the entire group.

On single targets, the damage is quite sick. I often have sadness ring/lord pride activate on triple/double hits, which translates to 25k-30k base crits (or double, which can lead to 50ks, and with charging, 65k+), on most standard mobs. Seeing a triple of 60k-30k-15k is pretty awesome. My attack speed is horrendous however. The below video shows my build as well as cert combo, though I have included the acc cert since I seem to miss a lot w/o it and it helps with charging.

Currently working on legendary achievements and will get at least base 40k attack with only +6 armor (which also has sucky forts....).

Any other gun-toting rangers out there that like to share their experiences? Smile

While Im at it, playing EE in FPS style 8D

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21 May 2011
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PostedNov 15, 2012 10:25 pm
I agree on the fact that Rangers can do some pretty awesome damage with a gun.

You see if you take a look at bows, and take a look at guns you can see what the problem with bows is.

Bows have balanced M-Atk and P-Atk whereas a gun focuses more on p-atk than m-atk.

Which sadly is useless for rangers to have good m-atk on. I started maining ranger as of recent though my gear isn't other worldly.

I recommend having both. Guns are excellent for single target damage, whilst bows are great for mobs and arena. The defining trait of ranger is that it doesnt have a 10% p-atk m-atk buff on bows OR guns, so neither is the better choice.

Think of it this way, Do you want to shoot a bazooka, or do you want to shoot a machine gun. Both are good in their own special way. o/


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21 May 2011
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PostedNov 24, 2012 11:06 pm
The Awakened Bow with good Atk Speed might be able to outdo a 5% proc on the gun, though. You'll be doing 50% more damage 40% of your autoattacks, which can be pretty devastating especially if you hit fast. Which you will. As Ranger with Atk Speed. Yes. :3

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