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29 Mar 2010
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PostedNov 12, 2012 11:26 pm

Merger issues and FAQ

Hello all,

After our merger today we encounter some issues that the DDTank developers are not able to fix. These issues are easy to solve but an inconvenient.

The game might ask you to rename you character and then ask you to rename your league, even if you don't have one :S. After it keeps on asking this, please reload and you should be able to log in to that character that gave you issues.

The character name change won't take effect until 24 hours after. For an example of the issue, please see the video below.

Merger FAQ:

Q: What is Server Merge?
A: The meaning of Server Merge: to combine Server data of two or more Servers into one Server. In brief, players from different servers can play together.

Q: After Server merging, who can I fight with?
A: After Server merge, we will combine all the players in Pheonix and Cerberus server, but it will not influence your logging in, you can still choose your former severs to enter the game.

Q: What about my characters and league, do they still exist after Server Consolidation?
A: Absolutely yes! We will retain all data of players, such as data of level, equipment, battle, glory, friends,backpack, friend center, time-limited items, gold, bonus, marriage, league, leve
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