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23 Jul 2012
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[Ended] Happy Veterans Day

Show your spirit
Happy Veterans Day!

Let’s not forget that while we play games in our own room, having a good nights sleep, there are people out there who are staying awake to make sure that we are safe. There are people are who willing to defend our freedom so that we can do things that we like. Let’s show our appreciation to our beloved Veterans and people who are still in the service!  

Be creative! Make a poem, draw a picture, write a song, tell a story, etc.! You can even make a video to show how much you appreciate our soldiers. Use your imagination and come up with the most unique and special way to say thank you. ☺  

  • You can only submit 1 thing
  • All submissions must be in by Monday 11/12/12 at midnight PST
  • You may not plagiarize, or otherwise copy another person’s entry
  • What ever you submit must follow the forum rules and the Term of Service
  • The submission need to be in this thread in order to win
  • Please include your: Server + IGN so that it’s easier for the prize to be pay out
  • Prizes will be paid out 5-7 business days after 11/12/12

#1 Place: 2 Books of Astrology
#2 Place: 5 Summoning Horns
#3 Place: 7-day VIP

It’s not about the prizes ☺ it’s about “ Appreciation”

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