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09 Nov 2012
PostedNov 09, 2012 2:53 am

buyable and sellable item price list

This thread is for every item that is buyable and sellable in crystal saga. Every item will be alaphabatized aswell so you may find faster.

Buyable&Sellable Prices with ingame currency:
1 Hour AFK Card: 1-3g
1x Offline Exp Token: 1-2g
2x Offline Exp Token: 1-3g
4x Offline Exp Token: 1-3g
2x Exp Token: 1-3g
2x Pet EXP Token: 1-3g
3x Pet EXP Token: 2-5g
Ancient Coin: 5-15s
Armor Set (White) 10-20:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (White) 21-30:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (white) 31-40:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (White) 41-50:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (White) 51-60:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (White) 61-70:Sell to vendor
Armor set (white) 71-80:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (White) 81-90:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (White) 91-100:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 10-20:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 21-30:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 31-40:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 41-50:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 51-60:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 61-70:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 71-80:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 81-90:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Green) 91-100:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 10-20:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 21-30:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 31-40:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 41-50:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 51-60:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 61-70:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 71-80:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 81-90:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Blue) 91-100:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Yellow) 10-20:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Yellow) 21-30:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Yellow) 31-40:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Yellow) 41-50:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Yellow) 51-60:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Yellow) 61-70:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Yellow) 71-80:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Yellow) 81-90:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Yellow) 91-100:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Purple) 10-20:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Purple) 21-30:Sell to vendor
Armor Set (Purple) 31-40:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Purple) 41-50:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Purple) 51-60:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Purple) 61-70:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Purple) 71-80:Varies on Stats and durability
Armor Set (Purple) 81-90:5-16g
Armor Set (Purple) 91-100:20-30g
Attribute Reset Card: 30-50g
Avatar Swap (M): 50g
Avatar Swap (F): 50g
Baby Angel Egg: 4-6g
Baby Demon Egg: 4-6
Bloodelar Soul Essence: 16-23g
Book Page Begginner: 10-15g
Book Page Advanced: 20-35g
Breeding Insurance oken: 40s-2g
Brilliance Shard: 3-5g
Chipped Amber Gem: 5-8s
Chipped Emerald Gem: 5-8s
Chipped Jade Gem: -8s
Chipped Ruby Gem: 5-8s
Chipped Sapphire Gem: 5-8s
Chipped Topaz Gem: 5-8s
Dragon Crystal: 5-12g
Elixir of Piety: 60s-1g
Elixir of Striking: 60s-1g
Elixir of Thorns: 60s-1g
Elixir of Viciousness: 60s-1g
Elixir of Vitality: 60s-1g
Enchantment Stone: 20-25s
Epic Bloodforged Shard: 3-5g
Epic Exelorn Shard: 80s-1g
Epic Ethereal Shard: 30-40s
Epic Nightshade Shard: 50-60s
Epic Phantom Shard: 1-5g
Ethereal Wings: 1.5-3g
Excellant Amber Gem: 60-80g
Excellant Emerald Gem: 60-80g
Excellant Jade Gem: 60-80g
Excellant Ruby Gem: 60-80g
Excellant Sapphire Gem: 60-80g
Excellant Topaz Gem: 60-80g
Fire Lord Egg: 7-10g
Flawed Amber Gem: 10-15s
Flawed Emerald Gem: 10-15s
Flawed Jade Gem: 10-15s
Flawed Ruby Gem: 10-15s
Flawed Sapphire Gem: 10-15s
Flawed Topaz Gem: 10-15s
Flawless Amber Gem: 8-10D
Flawless Emerald Gem: 8-10D
Flawless Jade Gem: 8-10D
Flawless Ruby Gem: 8-10D
Flawless Sapphire Gem: 8-10D
Flawless Topaz Gem: 8-10D
Fragarch Shard: 65-75g
Fragarch Soul Essence: 5-7g
Gamma Scalpel: 5-10g
Gem Remover: 5-10g
Golden Exelorn Shard: 50-55s
Greater Mount Upgrade Token: 4-6g
Greater Socketing Rod: 20-30s
Growth Food: 80s-2g
Health Orb: 2g-3g
Heroic Wings: 1.2-1.5g
Ice Shard:80s-1g
Imaculate Amber Gem: 95-110D
Imaculate Emerald Gem: 95-110D
Imaculate Jade Gem: 95-110D
Imaculate Ruby Gem: 95-110D
Imaculate Sapphire Gem: 95-110D
Imaculate Topaz Gem: 95-110D
Inferior Magic Dust: 3-5s
Lucky Coin: 20-30s
Magic Dust: 5-9s
Major Enchantment Crystal: 2-4g
Mana orb: 40-60s
Master Hammer: 70s-1.2g
Maturity Stone: 50s-1.5g
Maturity Whip: 50s-1.5g
Minor Enchantment Crystal: 20-40s
Morph Crystal: 4-6g
Mount Upgrade Token: 30-45s
Moderate Enchantment Crystal: 2-4g
Normal Amber Gem: 50s-1g
Normal Emerald Gem: 50s-1g
Normal Jade Gem: 50s-1g
Normal Ruby Gem: 50s-1g
Normal Sapphire Gem: 50s-1g
Normal Topaz Gem: 50s-1g
Pack Expander: 8g-10g
Perfect Amber Gem: 30-35D
Perfect Emerald Gem: 30-35D
Perfect Jade Gem: 30-35D
Perfect Ruby Gem: 30-35D
Perfect Sapphire Gem: 30-35D
Perfect Topaz Gem: 30-35D
Pet Breeding Stone: 2-4g
Pet Rebirth Scroll: 3-6g
Pet Slot Expander: 6-15g
Pet Skill Slot Expander: 5-10g
Pet-Angelic Aura II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Angel's Blessing II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Angelic Domain II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Angel Blade II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Armor Piercing II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Berserk II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Blessed Protection II: 80-1.1G
Pet-BloodBath II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Breathability II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Brilliance II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Certain Death II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Charge II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Charm II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Demonic Domain II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Dexterity II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Devil Shot II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Dodge II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Drag II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Enchanted Flame II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Enchanted Line II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Endowment II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Enlightenment II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Eternity II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Fierce Attack II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Flamethrower II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Flexibility II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Frenzy II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Genius II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Greater Angelic Aura II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Healing II: 80-1.1G
Pet-****'s Lava II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Infernal Destruction II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Infinity II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Lethality II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Lifesaver II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Mad Magic II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Magic Bane II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Mangle II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Meditation II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Mutilate II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Omnipotence II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Perceptiveness II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Pin Down II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Power of Faith (Angelic) II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Power of Faith (Demonic) II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Purification II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Quick Attack II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Razor Sharp II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Razor Claws II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Rebirth II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Rejuvenation II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Resilience II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Roar II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Rock Steady II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Satanic Attack II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Satanic Curse II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Satanic Frenzy II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Self Defense II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Slowness II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Speedy II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Stone Skin II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Surprise Attack II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Sweep Attack II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Totem II: 80-1.1G
Pet-valor II: 80-1.1G
Pet-Angelic Aura III: 18-23g
Pet-Angel's Blessing III: 18-23g
Pet-Angelic Domain III: 18-23g
Pet-Angel Blade III: 18-23g
Pet-Armor Piercing III: 18-23g
Pet-Berserk III: 18-23g
Pet-Blessed Protection III: 18-23g
Pet-BloodBath III: 18-23g
Pet-Breathability III: 18-23g
Pet-Brilliance III: 18-23g
Pet-Certain Death III: 18-23g
Pet-Charge III: 18-23g
Pet-Charm III: 18-23g
Pet-Demonic Domain III: 18-23g
Pet-Dexterity III: 18-23g
Pet-Devil Shot III: 18-23g
Pet-Dodge III: 18-23g
Pet-Drag III: 18-23g
Pet-Enchanted Flame III: 18-23g
Pet-Enchanted Line III: 18-23g
Pet-Endowment III: 18-23g
Pet-Enlightenment III: 18-23g
Pet-Eternity III: 18-23g
Pet-Fierce Attack III: 18-23g
Pet-Flamethrower III: 18-23g
Pet-Flexibility III: 18-23g
Pet-Frenzy III: 18-23g
Pet-Genius III: 18-23g
Pet-Greater Angelic Aura III: 18-23g
Pet-Healing III: 18-23g
Pet-****'s Lava III: 18-23g
Pet-Infernal Destruction III: 18-23g
Pet-Infinity III: 18-23g
Pet-Lethality III: 18-23g
Pet-Lifesaver III: 18-23g
Pet-Mad Magic III: 18-23g
Pet-Magic Bane III: 18-23g
Pet-Mangle III: 18-23g
Pet-Meditation III: 18-23g
Pet-Mutilate III: 18-23g
Pet-Omnipotence III: 18-23g
Pet-Perceptiveness III: 18-23g
Pet-Pin Down III: 18-23g
Pet-Power of Faith (Angelic) III: 18-23g
Pet-Power of Faith (Demonic) III: 18-23g
Pet-Purification III: 18-23g
Pet-Quick Attack III: 18-23g
Pet-Razor Sharp III: 18-23g
Pet-Razor Claws III: 18-23g
Pet-Rebirth III: 18-23g
Pet-Rejuvenation III: 18-23g
Pet-Resilience III: 18-23g
Pet-Roar III: 18-23g
Pet-Rock Steady III: 18-23g
Pet-Satanic Attack III: 18-23g
Pet-Satanic Curse III: 18-23g
Pet-Satanic Frenzy III: 18-23g
Pet-Self Defense III: 18-23g
Pet-Slowness III: 18-23g
Pet-Speedy III: 18-23g
Pet-Stone Skin III: 18-23g
Pet-Surprise Attack III: 18-23g
Pet-Sweep Attack III: 18-23g
Pet-Totem III: 18-23g
Pet-valor III: 18-23g
Pet-Angelic Aura IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Angel's Blessing IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Angelic Domain IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Angel Blade IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Armor Piercing IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Berserk IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Blessed Protection IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-BloodBath IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Breathability IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Brilliance IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Certain Death IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Charge IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Charm IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Demonic Domain IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Dexterity IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Devil Shot IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Dodge IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Drag IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Enchanted Flame IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Enchanted Line IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Endowment IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Enlightenment IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Eternity IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Fierce Attack IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Flamethrower IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Flexibility IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Frenzy IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Genius IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Greater Angelic Aura IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Healing IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-****'s Lava IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Infernal Destruction IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Infinity IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Lethality IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Lifesaver IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Mad Magic IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Magic Bane IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Mangle IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Meditation IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Mutilate IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Omnipotence IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Perceptiveness IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Pin Down IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Power of Faith (Angelic) IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Power of Faith (Demonic) IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Purification IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Quick Attack IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Razor Sharp IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Razor Claws IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Rebirth IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Rejuvenation IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Resilience IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Roar IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Rock Steady IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Satanic Attack IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Satanic Curse IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Satanic Frenzy IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Self Defense IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Slowness IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Speedy IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Stone Skin IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Surprise Attack IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Sweep Attack IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-Totem IIII: 1-1.4D
Pet-valor IIII: 1-1.4D
Pixie Upgrade Crystal: 3-6g
Pristine Bloodforged shard: 15-23s
Pristine Dreamwalker shard: 3-6s
Pristine Demoni shard: 10-13s
Pristine Ethereal shard: 6-8s
Pristine Nightshade shard: 30-35s
Pristine Phantom shard: 40-45s
Purified Crystal: 1-2g
Rebirth Ginseng: 5-8g
Refining Capsule 40-60s
Refresher Manual: 1-3g
Sands Of Time: 22-25g
Scratched Amber Gem: 30-60s
Scratched Emerald Gem: 30-60s
Scratched Jade Gem: 30-60s
Scratched Ruby Gem: 30-60s
Scratched Sapphire Gem: 30-60s
Scratched Topaz Gem: 30-60s
Shining Amber Gem: 10-15g
Shining Emerald Gem: 10-15g
Shining Jade Gem: 10-15g
Shining Ruby Gem: 10-15g
Shining Sapphire Gem: 10-15g
Shining Topaz Gem: 10-15g
Silver Engagement Ring: 50g
Socketing Rod: 3-7s
Soul Shard: 50s-1g
Stable Expander: 3-5g
Superior Amber Gem: 1.8-3D
Superior Emerald Gem: 1.8-3D
Superior Jade Gem: 1.8-3D
Superior Ruby Gem: 1.8-3D
Superior Sapphire Gem: 1.8-3D
Superior Topaz Gem: 1.8-3D
Super Elixir of Piety: 1.5-2g
Super Elixir of Striking: 1.5-2g
Super Elixir of Thorns: 1.5-2g
Super Elixir of Viciousness: 1.5-2g
Super Elixir of Vitality: 1.5-2g
Teeka Egg: 6-8g
Town Portal Scroll: 1-2s
Training Potion: 3-5g
Vault Expander: 2-8g
Wraith Soul Essence: 45-60g

Crystals only:
1x Offline Exp Token: 15 crystals
2x Offline Exp Token: 30 crystals
4x Offline Exp Token: 60 crystals
2x EXP Token: 55 crystals
2x Pet EXP Token: 45 crystals
3x Pet EXP Token: 85 crystals
Attribute Reset Card: 45 crystals
Baby Angel Egg: 50 crystals
Black Dragon Coin: 150 crystals
Black Dragon Combo Pack (20%): 8000 crystals
Breeding Insurance Token: 195 crystals
Breeding Stone Pack (15%): 3200 crystals
Breeding Stone Pack (20%): 9000 crystals
Breeding Insurance Token Pack (20%): 800 crystals
Breeding Insurance Token Pack (25%): 1500 crystals
Breeding Insurance Token Pack (30%): 2000 crystals
Combat Healing Flask: 25 crystals
Combat Mana Flask: 25 crystals
Crystal Essence Vial (E): 20 crystals
Diamond Engagement Ring: 995 crystals
Dragon Crystal: 295 crystals
Dragon Crystal Pack (15%): 2000 crystals
Dragon Crystal Pack (20%): 3800 crystals
Elegant Dress (F): 975 crystals
Elixir of Piety: 35 crystals
Elixir of Striking: 35 crystals
Elixir of Thorns: 35 crystals
Elixir of Viciousness: 35 crystals
Elixir of Vitality: 35 crystals
Enchanted Combo (20%): 8000 crystals
Ethereal Wings: 50 crystals
Ethereal Wings Combo (20%): 8000 crystals
Gem Remover: 150 crystals
Greater Mount Upgrade Token: 125 crystals
Green Dragon Coin: 35 crystals
Guild Medallion (Bronze): 395 crystals
Guild Medallion (Silver): 595 crystals
Guild Medallion (Gold): 795 crystals
Guild Skill Reset Elixir: 295 crystals
Guild Showdown Points Card: 195 crystals
Fancy Hairdo (M): 475 crystals
Fancy Hairdo (F): 475 crystals
Fast Level Pack I: 432 crstals
Fast Level Pack II: 444 crystals
Fire Lord Egg: 150 crystals
Fire Lord Combo Pack (20%): 8000 crystals
Fireworks Pack: 50 crystal
Firecracker: 90 crystals
Gamma Scalpel: 750 crystals
Greater Socketing Rod: 75 crystals
Growth Food: 35 crystals
Health Orb: 145 crystals
Heroic Wings: 35 crystals
Heroic Wings Combo (20%): 8000 crystals
Leveler Combo Pack (10%): 800 crystals
Leveler Combo Pack (15%): 3200 crystals
Major Enchantment Crystal: 145 crystals
Mana Orb: 145 crystals
Master Hammer: 200 crystals
Maturity Whip: 175 Crystals
Maturity Stone: 45 crystals
Maturity Stone Pack (10%): 2000 crystals
Maturity Stone Pack (15%): 5800 crystals
Maturity Stone Pack (20%): 9000 crystals
Minor Enchantment Crystal: 45 crystals
Moderate Enchantment Crystal: 95 crystals
Morph Crystal: 75 crystals
Morph Combo Pack (20%): 8000 crystals
Mount Combo Pack (10%): 800 crystals
Mount Combo Pack (15%): 3200 crystals
Mount Combo Pack (20%): 8000 crystals
Mount Upgrade Token: 50 crystals
Red Dragon Coin: 75 crystals
Red Dragon Coin Combo (15%): 3200 crystals
Red Roses: 250 crystals
Rebirth Ginseng: 200 crystals
Refining Capsule: 25 crystals
Refresher Manual: 295 crystals
Pack Expander: 175 crystals
Pet Breeding Stone: 75 crystals
Pet Combo Pack (15%): 3200 crystals
Pet Health Orb: 95 crystals
Pet Mana Orb: 95 Crystals
Pet Rebirth Scroll: 350 crystals
Pet Slot Expander: 250 crystals
Pet Skill Slot Expander: 325 crystals
Pixie Upgrade Crystal: 199 crystals
Pixie Upgrade Crystal Pack (10%): 1600 crystals
Pixie Upgrade Crystal Pack (15%): 2800 crystals
Pixie Upgrade Crystal Pack (20%): 6100 crystals
Purple Lily: 25 crystals
Sands Of Time: 750 crystals
Scratched Amber Gem: 50 crystals
Scratched Emerald Gem: 50 crystals
Scratched Jade Gem: 50 crystals
Scratched Ruby Gem: 50 crystals
Scratched Sapphire Gem: 50 crystals
Scratched Topaz Gem: 50 crystals
Separation Decree: 1945 crystals
*** Change Capsule: 695 crystals
Shining Gem Pack (20%): 3400 crystals
Shining Amber Gem: 425 crystals
Shining Emerald Gem: 425 crystals
Shining Jade Gem: 425 crystals
Shining Ruby Gem: 425 crystals
Shining Sapphire Gem: 425 crystals
Shining Topaz Gem: 425 crystals
Socketing Rod: 25 crystal
Soul Shard: 115 crystals
Soul Shard Combo Pack (15%): 3200 crystals
Soul Shard Combo Pack (20%): 5060 crystals
Stable Expander: 350 crystals
Superior Amber Gem: 3685 crystals
Superior Emerald Gem: 3685 crystals
Superior Jade Gem: 3685 crystals
Superior Ruby Gem: 3685 crystals
Superior Sapphire Gem: 3685 crystals
Superior Topaz Gem: 3685 crystals
Super Mount Combo Pack (20%): 8000 crystals
Teeka Egg: 125 crystals
Training Potion: 125 crystals
Tuxedo (M): 975 crystals
Vault Expander: 275 crystals
Wedding Invitation: 50 crystals
Wedding Candy: 20 crystals
Wing Combo Pack (10%): 800 crystals
Wing Combo Pack (15%): 3200 crystals

Coupons only:
1 Hour Afk Card (B): 10 coupons
1.5 Exp Token (B): 8 coupons
1.5x Pet EXP Token (B): 8 coupons
Blacksmith's Hammer: 12 coupons
Elixir of Piety (B): 4 coupon
Elixir of Striking (B): 4 coupons
Elixir of Thorns (B): 4 coupons
Elixir of Viciousness (B): 4 coupons
Elixir of Vitality (B): 4 coupons
Growth Food (B): 8 coupons
Health Orb (B): 30 coupons
Mana Orb (B): 30 coupons
Pet Health Orb (B): 26 coupons
Pet Mana Orb (B): 26 coupons
Rebirth Ginseng (b): 100coupons
Town Portal Scroll (B): 1 coupons

this is what i copy from markonin.
so is this price ok or not? for server Pvp and Pve.

i see many people sell things inside server now price getting higher and higher each week.
seem like getting harder to trade each day and make this game more hard to play.
no mood Crying or Very sad


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07 Jul 2008
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PostedNov 09, 2012 3:21 am
What items cost are based on supply and demand.

Each server is different.

Gold supply on the server. Weekly events all impact the supply on a server. Demand is influenced by player/server maturity and weekly events.

Players charge what they desire, players pay based on whats a priority to them at that time and the gold they have available.

If nobody pays a certain price for the items, then the prices get adjusted till someone does pay, or the item isnt sold.

So to answer your question. No. Each server economy is different.


PS Some items have increased in price...some items have decreased in price.

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