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20 Dec 2009
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PostedNov 08, 2012 5:21 pm

Dai the Paladin Part 6

Assigned Killers?

"Your assignment is to eliminate this kid. His name is Dai. He has excellent potential but he remains a threat to us." said a women. Elmindred and his friends OniGray, Rido, and Mickeyx were enrolled at Assassin Plus Academy. They were to eliminate Dai because of his involvement in stopping the Assassins from killing the famous Weapon Maker: Dr.Igos. Rido took out his axe and sharpened it while they were talking. "Just a kid? This should be easy." said Elmindred. They all chuckled while they set off for Kaslow. Meanwhile at the Military Zone in Kaslow. "Colonel Kira, I have the mystery crystal shards." said Dai. Colonel Kira took the shards and paid Dai and sent him on his way. Dai walked outside of Kaslow to take a breath of air when suddenly an arrow whizzed past his head. "So this is the so called Dai, the one who took out Squad A and B." chuckled Elmindred. Suddenly he was behind Dai with an axe ready in hand. "Who are you people? And who sent you?" said Dai. "That is of no concern to you. All that matters is that you will die very soon." said Rido. Dai held his scythe and took a deep breath. But before Elmindred and Rido could act. Dai knocked their weapons to the side and they both were on the floor gasping for air. "I barely saw that coming" said OniGray who was perched on the statue outside. "So you want to become a Paladin? Face me and see how out of your league you are in." said another voice behind Dai. "I'm Mickeyx and I'm a Paladin" said the girl standing behind him. "You're outnumbered Dai. There's four of us and only one of you." said Elmindred. Dai moved with such speed it was so sudden he was a blur. The four of them suddenly started bleeding from the face. Elmindred straightened and his face showed no emotion. "I won't you get away with hurting the people that I love, Dai!" she roared. Dai attacked and slammed and broke Mickeyx's weapons. She fell to the floor motionless. Elmindred gripped his axe and started attacking with such ferocity. Dai jumped and his special talent took over. "Strike of Justice!" shouted Dai. Elmindred was blown to the wall and she laid there groaning. OniGray picked up Elmindred over his shoulder and said "We'll be back to take you down." Rido shook Mickeyx and they both disappeared. "We'll see then." he said and turned to enter the city.

Far away at their hidden camp, Elmindred shook her head. "He is one strong kid. I won't go so easy on him next time. I'll use the talent that has been pass down generation through generation" she said. Rido turned and looked at the horizon. "We still have a week to complete the assignment. The world will regret calling us outcasts." he said with a triumphant voice. They laid down to sleep and the stars twinkled as if saying they would succeed next time.

End of Part 6.

Thanks for reading everyone.
Still busy but, I'll make more when I'm not as busy.

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