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25 Jun 2007
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PostedNov 06, 2012 9:48 pm


Play during the DK Online CB to get an Exclusive Owl!

Meet your first poppet. These cute little guys have been the coveted companion of adventurers in Litos for decades. They come in all shapes and sizes: from lions to fairies to flowers, oh my! Jokes aside (was it a joke?), I've got a nest of owl poppets about to hatch and will need to find homes for them.

Being owls, they'll only accept the wisest and most experienced of adventurers as suitable masters, of course. This has created a bit of a dilemma, for at this time there is no suitable recipient. But I know that the era of Closed Beta Testing is soon to dawn upon Litos, so I have hope that participating adventurers may, by the end of it, be eligible to receive the affections of such a finicky poppet.

As anyone who has raised and bred fragile creatures can tell you, it is not always easy finding a suitable home. I care very much for these little guys and, therefore, set these limitations: adventurers who reach the level of 15 may take an owl poppet into their care for 90 days, while adventurers who reach or surpass the level of 30 may be blessed with an owl poppet forever.

Note: These will be paid out during the first maintenance in Open Beta to everyone that qualified during Closed Beta.
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