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07 Apr 2011
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PostedNov 05, 2012 10:37 pm

Movember Event Idea

Any Mo bros or Mo sisters out there? :D
some people may know, some may not. but movember is a charity to raise awareness for male prostate and testicular cancer. and all you need to do to show your support is grow your moustache! maybe a quest to find your moustache... one of the elder sprite drank a new type of potion and his moustache grew legs and went hiding! And its up to the sprite messengers to get that tache back so the elder sprite isnt afraid to be seen in public? but after you find the face fuzz, the elder sprite actually prefers having just a goatie and lets you keep the fuzz (with the legs removed of course XD)

make the tache male and female. let the women let out their inner 'butch'ness >Very Happy

i saw the post below this about having a double MO cap day, so 10 MO1 and 30 MO2 maybe from the "missing elder sprites face fuzz" quest you get a buff that allows you to double the MO's done for a certian amount of time?

just an idea mind you Smile

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