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01 Sep 2010
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PostedNov 05, 2012 5:04 am

Confused of Timezones?

Here's help!
Hey everybody,

as you know we usually announce any kind of Events in our US Office timezone which would be PDT/PST. We noticed there are a lot of players in our community who have difficulties, understanding at which time certain Events happen in their timezone and thus we want to show you this awesome page which is WorldTimeBuddy on which we prepared the following Timezone-table:
click me!

On this page you will find most timezones and a direct comparison with PDT/PST which is on top. If I forgot about your timezone, you can easily add it on the page to never miss out on any Events that are being done in AVA!

Team Aeria

By the way: we will from now on try to include this link into all of our announcements.
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