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Weapon Transfer System


***Update 10/16/2013***

If you are attempting to redeem a weapon transfer gained from a tiered spender promotion, you will need to state which promotion you got the transfer from in the ticket you send in. If you fail to provide this information, you will likely not be able to transfer your weapon or the service will take much longer than normal.



Regarding Weapon Enchantment... weapons that have been enchanted can be transferred, however, they will lose their enchantment upon being delivered to the recipients account. We will not be restoring any enchantments to a weapon after it has been transferred.

If you may possess multiple of the same weapon type and one or more of the weapons have been enchanted, please specify the durability for the weapons when requesting a weapon transfer. This will ensure that your enchanted weapons are not removed from your inventory. If both weapons possess the same durability, please use one of the weapons in a match until the durability decreases, so that we can differentiate between the weapons.


Please follow these steps accordingly to transfer your weapon successfully!

Step 1 - Purchase the Weapon Transfer System Item

Purchase the Weapon Transfer Item through the item mall by clicking the link below.

Click on "add to cart" option under the WTS item icon.

In order to purchase the item it will require 3000 AP

Step 2 -Confirm Your Purchase

Now that you have the WTS item in your cart, confirm your purchase by selecting the purchase option in Your Cart history. 2X EXP comes with this.

Step 3 -Delivering Your Weapon

Once you have purchased and can confirmed you have successfully purchased your WTS item you will be linked to your account's purchase history.

The status should say it has been delivered, meaning the item was successfully purchased. In order to complete the final transaction for this process, you are required to send in an RT in the following format.


Subcategory - Other

Game - Soldier Front in English
Subject - Weapon Transfer
Message -
Your Aeria Games Login ID:

The Gun You wish to Transfer:

The Aeria Games Login ID of the player to receive the weapon:


You can submit and RT by clicking the link below

Since this is a RT, the response time is the usual 24-48 hours.

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