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30 Jul 2012
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[Processing] Spend and get a *Angelic Arm!

Consume and win a ☆ Angelic Arm!
10.27 - 10.29

"As innocent as angel, as beautiful as starry night...This is ☆ Angelic Arm, Gulu Kingdom's national treasure! Anyone who has seen it knows that it can not only bring people glory, but also the power of immortal.
Be the champion of consumption to get a free ☆ Angelic Arm!"

During the event, players who make one purchase in shop up to the specific amount can get the excellent rewards.

(1)Spend at least 1,000 coins:
EXP Pill Lv 2 x2, Energy Stone Lv 2 x2
(2)Spend at least 5,000 Coins:
EXP Pill Lv 3 x3, Energy Stone Lv 3, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x3
(3)Spend at least 10,000 Coins:
EXP Pill Lv 3 x4, Energy Stone Lv 3 x3, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x6
(4)Spend at least 30,000 Coins:
EXP Pill Lv 3 x5, Energy Stone Lv 3 x6, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x9, Witch Bandage (7 days bound)
(5)Spend at least 50,000 Coins:
EXP Pill Lv 4 x4, Energy Stone Lv 3 x9, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x12, Witch Bandage (7 days bound)
(6)Spend at least 80,000 Coins:
EXP Pill Lv 4 x5, Energy Stone Lv 4 x4, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x16, Witch Bandage (7 days bound), Coral (7 days bound)
(7)Spend 100,000 and above:
EXP Pill Lv 4 x8, Energy Stone Lv 3 x8, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x20, Witch Bandage (7 days bound), Coral (7 days bound)

Consume a total of 150,000 coins can get the ☆ Angelic Arm (15 days, Bound)x1

1.The rewards will be sent just after you consume in store one time up to the amount required.
2. The event is NOT accumulative, so you must purchase the specified amount all at once by adding your desired items to the cart.
3. The event IS repeatable. You can earn the same tier multiple times.
4. If you skip over tiers for a higher tier, you WILL NOT get the tiers below it.
5. The rewards are BOUND.


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PostedOct 27, 2012 4:42 pm
:O Everyone will be throwing pinky around soon eh? xD
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