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29 Aug 2012
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PostedOct 22, 2012 9:34 pm
AVAZakc wrote:
I was interested in joining team DecK because it seemed somwhat competitive. Levantation is Jelly.  

i in rival qq nob i dun need dis

FruutelIa wrote:
Pirouro wrote:
Levantation wrote:
Pirouro wrote:
Levantation wrote:
Pirouro wrote:
Leven... relax.

U dont know why i am doing like this.....

But anyways... is retard to be posting ur own post. (kinda rethoric)

Just relax leve... Relax  

What...Do you even understand what I'm saying?...  

No i dont speak chinese/korean/mandarin/....

Anyways, at the moment i cant pay attention to this... maybe we can talk later or u can kick mey head if u want later Cool  

What...the...Free Knights...were you dropped as a child...  

Hahahaha **** levan..... u make me laught.. u are funny... u are huge nice... What else are u looking for? u have everything ...u got all needed.... Dont screw that just complaining about my stuff...... hahahaha and i didnt get droped, im son of god  
Lev, you wonder why I hate my generation?  

It's ok kirsi. Even if ur fellow brothers and sisters are retarted, I still have you <3
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