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19 Dec 2008
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PostedNov 25, 2012 5:01 pm
splasher__ wrote:
There's also a difference between running and kiting. Kiting is when you try to avoid for example warriors' non target AoEs while you try to keep your range so you keep your max damage (if you are next to the target your damage cuts down).
Also, believe it or not, most archers/hunters only run instead of kiting.  
Kiting is actually quite fun.
I had a complete stalemate with me & a healer vs a warrior & a healer.
I'd kite the warrior so he couldn't kill me, but as I was kiting I couldn't get enough sustained damage to kill him. If he went for my healer then I could stop kiting & kill him, same thing if I went for his healer.

After 5 mins of this merry-go-round we all gave up and went back to our bases Laughing

RIP Kizzd
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