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14 Jul 2012
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PostedOct 19, 2012 7:20 am

Hide and Seek EVENT sponsored by lilydkiss

19. Oct. 2012 Q-US server CH-1
H e l l s-L i t t l e-M a i d EVENT - Hide and Seek! [Updated]

Hello to my very event ever on G.F. that will take place on 19. Oct. 2012 Q-US server CH-1 as I'm not so good whit time I'll post an announcement's in the world chat when it start's. So keep an eye on it you don't want to miss it!

So how to get the price? We are going to play the game Hide and Seek and you simply have to find my and that's it, that simple :3 but don't by fulled by the simplicity of the event ... you will face you're limits as the clock ticks on and monsters will cross your way and try to stop you!

Your going to need all you're courage and luck in order to find my! So chose wisely where your going to start your search and remember you only got 30min!

Where I'm playing hide and seek

  • Black Swamp

What you have to do to apply for this event

  • Leave characters name or send it to my ACC! so i know who is taking part in it or not


  • Must by between lvl20 - 40
  • No parties
  • Time limit [yes there is one] 30min no more!


  • 1. place - 500G
  • 2. place - 300G
  • 3. place - 150G

When the task is completed! important!
If you got lucky and battled your way to my, to secure the 3 lucky one's [the reason you cant have a parties], the 3 lucky one's are going to by added to my partie so I don't louse you :3 the reason for this is so I can transfer the gold to you from Kaslow! so what ever you do plz don't leave it until the prizes are given!

PS: even if I'm a servant of the darkness I'll give you a hint/help what you should use! Guild: KittyKats now its up to you to find it out!
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