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COG: Wolf Angel’s Tattoo

After the maintenance on October 18th to the maintenance on October 25th

Many years ago, it had been a lasting war between the werewolf clan which represents chaos power and the alliance composed of elf and human which represents of the power of light. The war finally ended with the defeat of werewolves. Subsequently, Wolf Angel, leader of the werewolves, was sealed forever in the ancient battlefield of ice and snow. According to the ancient legendary, the one who collects all the fragments of the Wolf Angel’s Tattoo will gain the power of him.

1. During the event, the werewolves will appear in the map of Lv.30/70/100. Players can defeat them and gain three kinds of Tattoo’s Fragment.

Chasm of Despair

Haunted Copse

Mons Draconis

2. Press the button and exchange the Tattoos if you have enough Tattoo’s Fragment.

Tattoo fragments will not drop if you fight the werewolves whose level is lower than your own character’s level for more than 30 levels.

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