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29 Aug 2012
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PostedOct 30, 2012 4:44 pm

Create a New Weapon (DDTank)

A Chinese Fan (Flower Designs on the Body of It)
A Warrior Princess who had always visited the Forest Paradise to lay and watch the cherry blossom every spring while her father visited the Eastern Kingdom. She had dedicated a Chinese Fan to the cherry blossom trees in which she etched the word "Eternal Beauty" in Chinese Characters across the Fan. The Fan could also be used as a weapon to defend the trees from those who wish to destroy it so she assign 4 of her most skilled warriors to guard them each armed with the Fans. The Fan concealed many hidden weapons as in small blades , darts , or any launch-able projectiles to be put in the Fan. The meaning of that weapon is "Even Beauty can contain many dangers".

Normal Hit: The Fan is thrown closed up and makes a swirl like a vortex.

% Hit: Shows the Fan all the way open with a tip of a small dagger of blade on each connecting flap (It twirls like the Ares Weapon)

3-Hit: Looks like a needle but with 3 shooting out if you use 3-Hit.(Tips of the Fan used)

Pow: Could the weapon be change to look like a swarm of blossoms around it like the Ares?(It is magical) If not then the pow would look look like a the % Hit except that the weapon hits and it explodes flowers when it comes into contact with target.

+10 Weapon: Weapon changes the sides shows with a red dragon designs (Symbol means Good Luck in China)

+12 Weapon: It could change into a Red Chinese Parasol or keep its same shape expect that the Fan would change into like a been change to look like a gauntlet or just get bigger

It would be good for Spring Time or Chinese New Year.

Maximum Height:75 Degrees
Minimum Height: 30 Degrees







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13 Jun 2011
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PostedOct 30, 2012 5:31 pm
My idea is a computer set.

+0 - +9:
Normal- A computer mouse.
Pow- A keyboard.
Normal- A notebook.
Pow- A laptop.
Normal- A PC
Pow- Computer set

One star:

Harm- 200
Offence- 120
Defense- 90
Agility- 140
Luck- 40

Two star:
Offence- 148
Defense- 105
Agility- 160
Luck- 54

Angle like MediKit.

(Pictures aren't the best, lighting in my room is terrible. :3 )


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28 Jan 2011
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
PostedOct 31, 2012 1:01 am

I suggest you to upload your image to a photo host like, TinyPic , ImageShack or PhotoBucket

To post your image, just copy the IMG code and paste to this thread, then reply


You will need the Direct Image Link that you got after uploading your image. Copy and Paste it into IMG BB Code.

Example of IMG BB Code:
[img]Insert Your Image Link Here[/img]  

Remember to click preview to see whether the image shows up or not.

Hope this helps.

*The color is not needed when you're replying to a thread.


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15 Aug 2012
PostedOct 31, 2012 4:07 am

Re: Design the next weapon in DDTank!

Eggs :D
I think we could make a weapon that is like a basket of eggs
Maybe it can have a special effect, it does damage over time. But the on hit damage itself is very weak, then it's pow could be a summoning capability, where you can shoot where you want your small dragon to spawn, then it deals area of effect damage around itself, but the enemy players can kill it.
Damage per turn(your turn, and become stronger each time you level it up):
Pow doesn't do that much damage, but spawn dragon that deals dmg per turn
Dragon damage: 100 per turn with 500 health level one, stronger each time you level up weapon.
When you hit higher levels, maybe the eggs will first become silver and then gold? while each time looking cooler. Then each time you spawn the dragon it becomes stronger and stronger, dealing more damage each time. Then the dragon will slowly grow up the higher the level, max level will deal tons of damage!

GMZeal wrote:

Love DDTank?
Want to be directly involved with the game?
Well now is the moment you've been waiting for!

Post up your best idea in this thread for a weapon for DDtank!

November 15th, 2012 @ 1:00 PM PST

All users who submit one or more qualifying ideas will get:
1x Investment Pack which includes:
3x Energy Stone lv3
2x Phoenix Lv2
2x Serpent Lv2
2x Dragon Lv2
2x Tiger Lv2

Top 5 selections will get:
5x Energy Stone Lv4
5x Fortune Chips
10x Medals

Post your ideas for a new weapon in this thread!
Make sure you include the different projectiles that weapons shoot (Regular, +% dmg, 3x, and POW shot)
Many weapons also change form at +10 and +12, make sure to include those as well.
With the submission, make sure you write up a small backstory to your weapon to give it a life of its own.
After all the submissions are in, we'll pick our five favorite and put them up for a poll in the GM Weekly!

You can post as many ideas as you'd like!
But you'll only get participation prizes for the first submission.
Only original content (no copyrighted material)
Keep it clean! No gore, blood, nudity, or anything of the likes.
Include visual aids! This can be photos, drawing, sketches, or anything else that will help us visualize your creation!
Have fun!  


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25 Jan 2011
PostedOct 31, 2012 7:54 am
I designed a first picture of my weapon. Hope you like it.

To remember this was my Idea:

The Faboulus Candy Bag

Santas Little Helper is missing his Big Candy Bag. Someone steal it. The Problem of Santa was now that he was not able anymore to gift all the kids of the world some sweet Candys. What a horrible Christmas. With Sad mood Santa walked through the snowy winter lands of DDTank when suddenly a Candy hit him in the back. He turned around. Then he saw it. A Dark Creature with his Big CandyBag. A wild fight begin, Santa Tryed to hit the Dark Creature with his Boomerang. Miss. The Creature was to Fast. Suddenly some other DDTank Players entered the Fight. They fight for life to get back Santas Candy Bag. Hit. The Dark Creature was hitted. The Big Candy Bag falls on the ground and the Dark Creature ran away. As Thank you Santa gave them all a sweet little Candy Bag to say thank you. That was the moment when a new weapon was born. The Candy Bag.

A Bag full of Candys that can be thrown. It could be a special weapon for Christmas or Halloween.
The Regular Throw is a bonbon. If you get a % Shot you throw a Candy Cane. If you make x3 Shot it can look like you throw 3 Bonbons at your Enemy. In the faboulus POW Shot you throw the whole Candy Bag.
If you get a +10 or +12 Weapon the coulors of the Candy Bag can be changed and it also can look like that it is more filled.


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28 Aug 2011
United States
PostedOct 31, 2012 8:27 pm
Maybe a Fish for a weapon? Razz
Regular:Normal sized fish
3 in 1:Little sardines
Pow:Big bass/catfish
Regular:Colored normal size fish
3 in 1:Little catfish
Pow:Big case of fish
Regular:Little great white shark
3 in 1:Little hammerhead sharks
Pow:Big great white shark


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21 Feb 2011
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PostedOct 31, 2012 9:05 pm
PaperSpirit wrote:
fawwazndhyl wrote:
@PaperSpirit :O! Nice! I would buy that ! but whats the stats? and *-* Sushi! Very HappyD <3

You should make a weapon for nurse's, like a syringe or something? xD!! Would be a perfect weapon for you Razz!  

i drew the syringe out already.. but i thought it was too close to the medical kit so i dropped the concept XD syringe was my first thought plus its my signature item in most of my avatar arts <3 and idk bout stats D:  

@_@ um Nurse? I think your art is too amazing. Like the jack-o' lanterns and these drawings...


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24 Dec 2011
PostedNov 01, 2012 4:01 am
+10 : weapon most big and +12 in gold

high angle : 35-65

pow three on one

Qui t'as dit que j'étais un newbie ? (:


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08 Oct 2012
Maracaibo Venezuela
PostedNov 01, 2012 8:49 pm

Artistic Arm

Be Fun,. Be Creative

Account Name: mucontreras_cj
Server: Cerberus
ID Game: ☼¤Carløs¤☼


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20 Jul 2012
Phoenix United States
PostedNov 02, 2012 12:25 am
@Paperspirit hahahahaha =) * fall of bed*
@AndroH_51262 nice ideas! Tho I would love to show you how to upload a picture so that it looks formal with shorter link so that you can present even more better! Add me Wink
@MintyLeafy Smile Nice ideas, I love it! Excited to see your picture too Smile
@ItsNicoleBytch: @@ Impressive project :O *bow* *call master*

Conclusion D: Thank you @ PM Mazinger Smile This project is really amazing, and I can see excitement from the ddtank players! And of course as a ddtank player too ^^ You have no idea how happy it is to see other " playmates" getting bump up! <3 Please keep up with the good work and best wishes to you Smile -make me wanna join this too, but I can't draw- ~_~
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