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[Sticky] Understanding Spam

There are a lot of definitions of the word spam out there. Once only applied to lunch meats and unwanted e-mails, the word has expended to meet the expanding and ever changing technology and applications. I know a lot of you have seen a GS telling a player "please no spamming" and I know many of you who have gotten one of these messages from a GS are confused by why we are telling you this. So let me spell it out to you all so there is less confusion out there about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

By definition spam is: any unsolicited, unwanted, or disruptive message or messages received by email, text or any other messaging system.

Applying this to the browser games (or any other AGE games) this applies to in game chat, world chat(s), private messages, or any other chat a game. Spamming is also used as an umbrella term to describe any disruptive chat according to the ToS. If you unfamiliar with the ToS or need a reminder you may go here and read the first forum post and EVERY link there-in to be familiar with the ToS. However everyone should be familiar with the ToS as you did agree to reading it when you made your account.

Every game AGE hosts usually does have it's own set of rules (usually posted on the forums for that game) but the ToS is a master list of rules that need to be followed in game AND the Shout Box.

Spamming refers to any disruptive chat that violates the ToS and/or is disruptive to the game. Repeating the same message over and over, excessive use of letters, numbers or symbols, typing in all caps, and alternating caps can and is considered spam. To make things clear for everyone I will give examples.

Examples of Spamming

All Caps:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I AM SPPPPAAAAMMIINNG!!!

Typing in all caps is spamming and not allowed.

Alternating Caps:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: DoSe ThIs AnOy YoU eVeRyOnE?

Alternating between upper and lower case is disruptive speech and spamming. Not allowed either.

Repeating Messages:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I like being rude.
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I like being rude.
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I like being rude.
[Current]PoorPlayerCaughtInSpam: Please stop.
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I like being rude.

Another Example with Trade messages:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: S> Generic Item for more than it is worth
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: S> Generic Item for more than it is worth
[Current]RandomPlayer: I don'twanna buy it. Sad
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: S> Generic Item for more than it is worth

This also applies to trade message in chat. You may think it is ok because you want to sell your item and you want people to see your message, but you are not the only person playing this game. Many games offer a trade channel to sell items on and if they do there are rules that you will need to follow for that channel. But with games with no trade channel like DDTank you are NOT allowed to turn another channel into your own trade channel. Games without trade channels often have other methods in game to sell your items in. For example in DDTank there is an Auction House that was added SPECIFICALLY because players wanted to sell items to other players. So please use the Auction House instead of posting your trade messages over and over.

I also want to point out that slightly altering a message will not stop it from being spamming.

Typing Gibberish:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: kghfgj.ftfvjv5yy,ftd7flg8lhgy

Typing something that is just random letters/numbers/symbols is spamming and very rude. if you want to say something then type normally. if you don't wanna say anything and just want to make an annoying mess please keep it to yourself.

Ascii Art And Making Images In Chat:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: <( " <) <( " <) <( " <)
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: (^"^) (^"^) (^"^)
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: (> " )> (> " )> (> " )>

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

You may think it is cute you can flip a table or make kirby dance, but it is technically against the ToS and should not be done in chat. This also goes for any other askii art you can copy and past into chats or the shout box.


[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Sad
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Sad
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Very Happy
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Smile
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Razz
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Wink

You may think it is cute to post all the emotes the game or shout box has to offer, but to post them over and over, either all in the same line or one after the other like in the example is very rude and not allowed.

Typing Out One Letter Per Line or Countdowns:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: H
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: E
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: V
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: E
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: R
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Y
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: O
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: N
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: E

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: 10
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: 9
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: 8
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: 7
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: 6

Many games have chat limits and this is why. it is to stop people from spamming, especially in this method. This mostly happens in the Shout Box. It is rude and annoying so don't do it.

Typing messages that are upside down:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: ˙pǝʍollɐ ʇou puɐ ǝpnɹ sı ƃuıƃɐssǝɯ ɟo ʇɹos sıɥʇ

You may think this is funny or cool that you can type messages upside down, but it is hard to read and is annoying to try to read.

Excessive Letters/Symbols/Numbers:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: 1234567891011121314

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I really like exclamation marks!!!!!!!111!!!11

Again, you may think this is funny or you may think this is a way to express yourself, but this is very rude. If you wanna type a message type normally. And if you need to use extra letters or symbol to express yourself do not use more that three.


This is important!!!

These are not excessive and are ok.

Repeating The Same message in a Trumpet/Horn/Other Mass Messaging Device And Current Chat:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I love random player!
[Trumpet]JoeNaughtyPlayer: I love random player!

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: S> Useless item
[Horn]JoeNaughtyPlayer: S> Useless item

If you use a horn or trumpet, or any other mass messaging item in game, almost every player will see that message. There is no need to also post it is current. It is seen already.

Excessive Item Linking:

[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Noob Gear
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Noob Gear
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Noob Gear
[Current]JoeNaughtyPlayer: Noob Gear

This does not apply to all games as not all games offer item linking, but for those that do; you may be proud of your item but it is rude to keep posting your items. This applies to not only repeating the same item, but also other items you own. Chat is not your personal place to show off all you own.

These rules apply to all chats. But because GS's can only see public chats or chats they are currently in we can not monitor everything. If you see someone that is spamming, or anything else that is rude please report it.

So now you all know now what a GS means when they say spamming, please do not do it. And if you do it and a GS or GM asks you to stop please listen and stop doing it. Arguing with the GS or GM will not help you.



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PostedOct 19, 2012 9:13 am
Thank you seriously for posting this. Now I know where to redirect people who ask about the caps rule Very Happy


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PostedNov 27, 2012 2:23 pm
I've always found the rule about no caps to be an odd one. I've been playing MMORPG's for over a half decade now. So, I understand how the rule came to be. The rule no caps started out as a social rule in gaming. Due to an over-sensitivity to the use of caps. Many will use the excuse that caps equals shouting. Though, no one is able to actually explain why this is personally offensive. Though, I understand why this is. It is offensive because they have been told it is offensive.

I'll explain this through an example. Person 1 and 2 are currently dating. Person 1 says x which 2 finds offensive. Though, 2 can not explain why x is offensive. This is because they have been told it is offensive. Through the use of Soap Operas, Television Etc. There is a lack of a personal reason. Which means the offense to x is an irrational response.


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PostedNov 28, 2012 8:25 pm
\o.o/ this helps, i get wary of always having to explain what I mean when telling them to stop spamming


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PostedApr 03, 2013 8:24 pm
What if you have PERSONALITY of spam? ....jk
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