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30 Jul 2012
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PostedOct 15, 2012 4:34 pm

Introducing the Toyota Supra “Street Mod” Edition

With the upcoming release of Drag Mode the Need for Speed World Cars team decided it was time to start putting together some special ‘drag edition’ cars for the community. It took a little while to decide what car to start with but we knew it should be one of the community’s favorite cars so without any further ado we’re proud to introduce the Toyota Supra “Street Mod” Edition!

It has a bulletproof 3.0L straight six motor from the factory, capable of taking extreme levels of horsepower. The 2JZ has been known to be built well in excess of 1000hp! The Drag spec car has a widened track in order to allow the car to sit lower, and have greater stability when running down the strip. The front splitter is reinforced and designed to hold the nose to the ground, and prevent lift off on launch.

The stock hood has been replaced with a composite hood, and sponsor decals adorn the body. The stock whale tail wing has been traded for a fitted rear lip spoiler to act as a gurney flap to push the rear end down at speed. At the rear you will find a wheelie bar, and a drag parachute, just in case things get hairy!

This Supra is all business and has not bothered with neons and only has a simply livery but it does have an exclusive license plat that reads: Super Power! This street level drag car will also feature a drag specific skill mod to give that extra edge on the strip.

Toyota Supra “Street Mod” Edition will be available once Drag Mode is released in Need for Speed World!
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