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14 Oct 2012
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
PostedOct 14, 2012 7:31 pm

Scorpion Deal event bug exploiting

Latest event exploited by hundreds of players
Hi. I am playing Pirate Galaxy game for almost 4 months, I am now in Sol system. Last weekend was pretty full of action and fun, as me and my buddies searched for a new Scorpion hybrid Mizar ship, which I also collected and bought.
However I noticed that many players didn't have much trouble, as me, and they obtained the ship with having only 1 bp by doing event mission on Molikar only once. I don't know how they did it, but I am sure that wasn't legal way and in according to CoC.
When I asked them this question, they told me that was "allowed to them by GMs" on Friday, when event started, in order to make big number of players have the ship very fast, so everyone else would be interested to have it too. I cant believe that GMs are allowing people to cheat and have that ship long before us, normal players who had to do Event mission 10 times, to have all bps.
Also I heard that Developers will not do anything about this issue, because they failed to proper announce how many bps was needed on PG web site news page, and also they failed to deal with this problem very quickly, therefore allowing big number of players to obtain ships.
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