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12 Oct 2012
PostedOct 13, 2012 8:07 pm

Eden Eternal Won't Launch

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Well i have Got WinOnx recently and downloaded Eden Eternal and it was perfectly fine. Then i got the " Play Eden" app which didn't open. I then went to my eden eternal folder and found the launch. exe and the launch page appeared it did start loading however after it finished loading the "start game" button is available, i clicked on it and it crushed and closed the page o: I'm not sure what i can do about it? xD

thanks to anyone that can help (:


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08 Jul 2010
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PostedOct 13, 2012 8:12 pm
Hello! Firstly, please post things like this in the Technical Issues forum next time. ^_^

I'm going to give you a quote from BigNakedBob32, another tech savvy Game Sage, outlining the typical fixes for errors that happen after pressing Start Game on your launcher. If these do not fix your issue, please let me know and I'll help to troubleshoot further!

BigNakedBob32 wrote:
Game Crashes After Clicking "Start Game" On Launcher

The three biggest causes of the game just closing after clicking "Start Game" on the launcher are Antivirus, DEP and certain chipsets needing to be run in compatibility mode. Antivirus programs sometimes will block software that they are unfamiliar with from running properly, in this case causing it to just close without any notice. While DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is a security mechanism in Windows that prevents code from being executed from non-executable memory regions. Simply put, it keeps it from doing nasty things. Unfortunately this can sometimes cause problems with legitimate programs.

Antivirus - First thing you'll want to do is make sure any antivirus you are running allows the _Launcher.exe to pass through. Since there are so many different antivirus programs out there I will simply suggest using Google to do a search for "[Your antivirus name] add exception". This will most likely return some helpful results. You may need to do this for any antimalware programs you have running as well, again simple Google "[Your antimalware] add exception or whitelist" and you should find directions on adding exceptions.
DEP - DEP is available on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
Windows XP - Right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and Open the System Properties > Advanced > Performance Settings > Data Execution Protection. Then Add the _Launcher.exe and launcher.exe located in the Eden installation folder. (Default C:\AeriaGames\EdenEternal)
Windows Vista/7 - Right click Computer from the start menu and select Properties on the left side click Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings > Data Execution Protection. Then Add the _Launcher.exe and launcher.exe located in the Eden installation folder. (Default C:\AeriaGames\EdenEternal)
After changing DEP settings restart your computer and try Eden again.
Try running the _Launcher.exe in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2 or SP3. To do this all you need to do is right click on the Eden Eternal shortcut, select properties, click the Compatibility tab, check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" box and then select Windows XP SP2 or SP3. Then click OK and try Eden again. This works on Vista and Windows 7 and usually benefits people with Intel graphics chipsets most.

If these three things do not fix it try reinstalling Eden Eternal.  

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