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23 Jul 2012
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PostedOct 12, 2012 5:59 pm

[Paid Out] Gem Box + Red Hero

~Gems for the weekend!~

STARTS: Friday, October 12th 9:00PM (PDT)
ENDS: Sunday, October 14th 9:00PM (PDT)

Click HERE to see what time it is in PDT!

For every 100 gold exchanged players will receive:
3 x Gem Box

EVERY PURCHASE of 100 Gold (1000AP) gets you 3 Gem Boxes!
Note: You do NOT need to purchase in increments of 100 Gold. For example, if you purchase 500 Gold, you'll get 15 Gem Boxes!
One top spender from each server (m1,m2,6,7) will receive a Red Hero Card.

***EVERYONE*** who buys gold during the promotion will receive 1 (one) raffle entry for a red hero card and a chance to win a Red Hero Card. There will be one lucky winner! ***EVERYONE***

Winner: S6, Account Name: Expendable

Need help purchasing Gold? Click here!
Get AP here!

  • One entry per person in raffle!
  • Promotion is repeatable.
  • Only purchases made in the indicated time frame will qualify!
  • Rewards are not transferable between accounts.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for your rewards to be sent to you!
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