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30 Jul 2012
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PostedOct 10, 2012 1:19 pm

NFS World’s First Russian Supercar!

A few months ago we announced that the Marussia B2 would be coming to Need for Speed World and today is that day! We are extremely proud to welcome our first Russian supercar to the game, the Marussia B2!

It’s a high performance rear wheel drive mid-engine monster that can hit speeds of 250 km/h and more! Weighing in at only 1100kg, its lightweight Aluminum chassis and 2.8 liter turbocharge mid-engine producing 420 horsepower and 520Nm of torque make this car truly special!

The body is uniquely styled to mimic the ‘M’ of the Marussia logo and the deeply recessed intakes ahead of the rear wheel in conjunction with the hard lines on the front end help to further accentuate its aggressive “face” and modern supercar look.

You can read more about Marussia and the B2 on their website and you can pick up the B2 from the Need for Speed World in-game Car Dealer today!
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