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13 May 2007
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New game : Fantasy Earth Zero

I would worship you guys if you hosted the game Fantasy Earth Zero, and I'm sure there are at least a couple thousand people that would play this on a daily basis. Personally everyone I know would be on this game like butter on bread on a hot day. So basically my suggestion is to host this game...heres some info :

Sites :
Japan :
Chinese :
Taiwan :
Hong Kong :

Here's some screenshots :
Level 40 sorcerer at char select

Level 31 Warrior

Middle area where the main KvK takes place :

Group photo, shows different clothing styles.
Click me to see pic

Crystals you gather during KvK :
Click me to see pic

And some videos :
Trailer :

2nd Trailer (a lot better imo) :

Other vids:
(Clan video by 8rabbits)

Ok yes it might be kind of hard to figure out whats going on in the videos...basically the game is based on KvK (Kingdom versus Kingdom) between 5 nations (might be more I forget) leveling is done through either PvE OR KvK though I believe PvE is faster. Each of the 5 nations has a basic area of about 10 areas and a town (again the exact number might be wrong, its been about a year since I played due to IP block) and then theres a middle area with around 12 or so areas where there is always constant war going on between the nations. I'm not sure exactly how you call war upon one of the lands but your nation needs to control at least one land near the one your calling war on, and the other side has to have a certain amount of players in that area along with the the side thats attacking the area. I believe whoever owns the area beforehand has to defend it from whoever enters it from the attacking side.

Anyhow, you keep taking over lands and eventually you can battle your way to their nation's original 10 areas and battle towards the city, not sure what happens if you take over the city or whatever happens due to it being japanese once again..but I'm sure some sort of large reward is in order Smile

Onto the gameplay, it is an MMORPG with TPS (third person shooter) controls. Examples of a third person shooter are "Gunz Online" or "The Club", no this doesn't mean you'll be pulling off kstyle moves while fighting each other and no this doesn't mean its ridden with bugs somehow Razz just means you move the same way and the camera/targeting is the same way. You can move in all directions with WSAD and Q/E dodges left and right. Theres also a large jump but I forget how you pull that off (been a while once again) but its there, you use 1234567890 on the keyboard to use moves and how it behaves depends on the skill. For instance I had an archer level 15 ish and they got an AoE (Area of Effect) move and when you press the button for the skill a big circle appeared and you aim it on the ground where you want it to take effect, then people usually saw it coming and try to dodge it (part of the strategy of the game) etc. then theres some like you can see in the 2nd video where it just shoots the fireball at the person your facing towards (usually has a circle appear on them) and it shoots them with it (unless they dodge in time of course)

Ok, onto the war mechanics. I'm going to go ahead and quote an old thread from onrpg (yes I'm from onrpg if you can't tell)

KvK: Ready... set... go!
-This is what makes Fantasy Earth Zero a fun game. The KvK system allows 50 players of one nation to face off 50 players of another nation. When joining KvK the game allows a difference of 5 people on each side.
For example:
15 v 20 means no more can join the defending side until some more join the attacking side, this helps prevent unbalanced fights and prevents massive take over.
-If you are on the map when KvK is declared, you get the choice to join it or not. Often you are kicked out to the map, like maybe there isn't enough attackers::defender ratio and you have to wait for the KvK to open up to everyone again.
-KvK is declared by 5 people of the same nation. I'm not completly sure how but it takes 5 people to start up a KvK and you get to chose a spot to place your keep/castle.

KvK Basics
-Getting Crystals, crouch near a crystal (showed as a white dot on the map) and you will auto-start getting crystals, you will needs those for building and morphing, when joining for the first times kvk I sugget you to just get crystals for other players (you can get just 10 at LV10), they usually come to the crystal and tyep "@20" it will mean he needs "20 crystals", just trade to them.

Later in the game for being more useful in the battle you will know that you can use you crystals for do some stuff, like buildings:

-Buildings: You have four types of buildings.
Archer Towers (10/10)
This is offensive building that helps guard territory that is under massive disput. Normally placed close as possiable to front lines. AT are pretty weak , but in a group becomes quite deadly and softens and holds the enemies back longer than if it was empty. AT have quite high HP but it is easily defeated by orge cannons.

Do not waste these in safe areas! you can only build 10 max, and you cannot destory them once built! Once you play KvK for a while, you will understand where and how to use these buildings to the fullest possiable. I always place them in choake or heavily disupted areas. placing these close to crystals or high grounds gives you a upper hand as it is harder for the enemy to take them out and prevents them from using the crystal to its fullest. But be aware, these buildings are easily destroyed by an army if there is noone protecting them.

Obliesks (25/25) (sp?)
These are called the "radar towers" or in age of the empires when you build more towns to expand your terrorotiry. These help mark and allow Line of Sight in areas around the building. This gives you advantage to see if enemy is attempting to do an ambush attack or if they are attacking the building. These are you most precious buildings as they also prevent the enemy from claiming terroirtoy close to the tower and also prevents them from building AT in your area. BUT these are easily taken down by a group or orge cannons. Protect them and build several in areas heavily under fire to prevent massive loss of terrirory. They also "damage" the enemy's castle.

War Craft (1/1)
This building allows the transformation of players into Heavy artillery (Orge Cannon) that has a massive range attack and a weak AoE attack to scatter players bothering you. You can only place one of these, make sure to place them to an equal distance of heavily disputed areas. Placement changes with situation as if an enemy concentraties all 10 towers in an area, building this closer to the front (but not too close) allows quicker access to the front lines.

Gates of Hades (1/1)
This is one wicked building once selected while browsing the transformations window allows the player to morph in a Wraith(50 crystals)

You can't build this... but its already there for you. This allows tranformation into Knights (40 crystals).

So this is what it is about buildings, now about morphs:

costs 40 crystals
Anti-Transformation units. they do crap damage against players and buildings, but make quick death of any other transformed player.

Cannon Orc (lol)
costs 30 crystals
A+ Anti-Building
D+/C- Anti-Personal
Speed Very very slow. Jumping is faster. Avoid walking.
These are very very slow units and very vurnable to attacks. Do not go in solo as you will die against anything almost. Knights will turn you into swiss cheese and players will keep stunning and killing you. a mix of knights and players allows you to do your job, and that is removing the enemy's defensive buildings so your team can break through and advance up. Worse comes to worse you can "stomp" to scatter enemies around but its quite useless when you are trying to forge through the front lines.

costs 50 crystals
I haven't played with this a lot, but when i was playing i was pretty slow moving.. but faster than orge with 3 attacks. An ice attack, a sword attack and i think poison attack. This is one of the best anti-personal transformations. BUT it must be protected by a group of knights as the enemy will most likly have their knights trying to destroy you. Your sword hit can do 200+ easily and deal a massive blow to the frontlines. During stalemate between two teams, this can often be the stalemate breaker if used correctly.

Special unit that requires a speical item to allow transformation. If used correctly, can overwhelm and oblierate the other side. This scarey transformation can take out armies of players in a matter of hits. Protected by knights and help with Wraith would make it an unstoppable combo unless the other side is skilled with their knights.

Dunno much about how you can become one. But it is the only "true" flying unit...Very danagerous against players and buildings.

Basic Strategy
There's several roles you can play during the first 10 or so minutes of the KvK.

Building: You gather as much crystals as you can (45 is the magic number as you can only hold 50 at any one time). Run around and build obelisks as close as possible to enemy territory then get more crystals and either keep exploring or Archer Tower up some areas that are under heavy fire that could use a last defensive line.

Attacking/Holding: Forget about crystals and charge into the battle with other people to hold the enemy back while your builders get the chance to build as close as possaible to you guys, hopefully giving you an edge over the enemy as you would be holding the enemy back in their own terf. Most games are decided by who can hold the enemy back in their own 45% of land while the other team can claim the other 5% and hold it down with 10 AT and a lot of players.

Hybrid: You take 15/18 crystals and run into battle. When you conquer an area or notice you need something to hold the enemy back, or you need that exxtra help. you can build the AT or Oblesik. (I personally play this route since there is a very small window of opp when you push and destory the eenmies buildings to conqour the land before the counter strike.)  

I would post source but dunno if registration guides and the like are allowed here, anyways credits to "netkat".

But yah you get the basic idea Smile Its a really fun game and I know a ton of people that would play this, please consider trying to host this game.

By the way if I made any mistakes feel free to correct me, I haven't played in about a year (I'm still heartbroken from it :<) so a lot of it is fuzzy to me but I remember playing it nonstop until the IP block came (probably about a week or two with a friend of mine) and as I said before I was an archer and I got to around level 20 ish I believe but I didn't level fast because the KvK was so fun.

edit : Also to note, the grind isn't really that bad and you don't notice it if you KvK all the time like I did xD

Also for a bit of info on the history of this game.

Be really cool if all of you who agreed would post to show support Very Happy


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03 Feb 2007
United States
PostedSep 04, 2008 7:35 pm
I agree 100%. There's so many people wanting FEZ in english, Aeriagames getting it would be AMAZING. FEZ is probably the best commercial F2P MMORPG out right now, and Aeria picking it up would bring such a large change to the MMORPG industry as we know it.

*stamp of approval*

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm playing Eden Eternal. IGN: Real - Cleric/Bard @ Garnet


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15 Jun 2007
PostedSep 04, 2008 7:59 pm
hmm ive heard good things from people who have played the japanese version..but i wouldnt mind trying it in english.. not rly a big fan of trying games i dont understand :-/


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10 Jun 2008
phoenix United States
PostedSep 04, 2008 8:08 pm
this game looks so cool ill join.plz host this game guys


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28 Jun 2007
PostedSep 04, 2008 8:11 pm
yay korncob (onrpg ftw)

I really wanted to try this game started the korean one but as for all games with a different language i couldnt get the most out of it.

The pvp in this game looks amazing. If Aeria could host this game with a decent cash shop (not overpowered) I would definately start playing.


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13 May 2007
PostedSep 04, 2008 8:13 pm
Thanks for the support guys, and this game has been very successful in other countries (japan, china, taiwan, etc.) as there were always a ton of people playing...always at least 3-4 50vs50-100vs100 ish battles going on as well as a ton of people in the towns and leveling up in the PvE areas.


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27 Nov 2007
Holmdel United States
PostedSep 04, 2008 8:18 pm
oh god I would LOVE to see Aeira pick this game up. Anything from SE is epic. I've always wanted to try it out but the language barrior proved too much for me. If Aeria got this, it would surely boost up their player base a lot by just the fact it's from Square Enix. Seriously, we need less point and click games and more action games Twisted Evil


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24 Jun 2008
semihole United States
PostedSep 04, 2008 8:33 pm
I would love to have FEZ in english but that would be only if aeriagames did a ip ban on asia.

Why? because if aeria didn't do this the game would be full of the cheaters on the japanese and chinese version who would come to hack and cheat and ruin the game for us NA and South america/ europe


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04 Nov 2006
Scarborough Canada
PostedSep 04, 2008 8:54 pm
Introducing FEZ to the English community would be awsome
(i saw ur call on OnRPG so here i am ^ ^)

lets begin...
I think I'm one major lead for english players into foreign games
and FEZ definitely attracted the biggest largest amount of English players
Most people left cuz of high pings (I'm in Canada , ~400 ping in Japan , more in the other 2) . . . at peak hours its impossible to move in the pvp/kvk fields
If Aeria picks up FEZ , it would be aaaaaawsome !!!

all the FEZ servers out there right now has IP BLOCK (Japan , China , Taiwan , HongKong)
some has a solution , others require $$ to just solve this solution. Plus the solution will raise the ping further more. A large population is blocked out from the game !!!

the game itself...
-More focus on teamwork , skills , experience , strategy . . . not level
-Features still to come !! 3 New classes are being developped and planned for this year
-Its a pvp game , no grinding

-Its SQUARE ENIX !!!!!!!!!!!!


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10 May 2008
Alhambra United States
PostedSep 04, 2008 9:47 pm
The game is awesome, and I am saying it even I have only played the Japanese server for up to lvl 10 or so (I couldn't play because I had trouble relogging into a character that is not newly created, weird...)

I've played Shaiya myself, though I only reached HM =x (still a noob xD). But if you guys like Shaiya, this is like a better ARPG version of it (well, except the graphics is probably not as elegant and well crafted, but the game play is very a simple and fast paced real time action game). You can join castlewar at any level. Of course the higher level the better but even if you are low level you will still be able to make contribution to the war. In addition, eventhough I haven't had experience myself but I beileve at later levels (not sure what the level cap is, but it's not that high, probably 40 or 50) it will be easier to gain exp (yes you gain exp from pvping!!!) from winning caste wars than grinding mobs. This is definitely a huge plus for people who are sick of grinding in every single F2P MMORPG. There are just so much details to talk about this game and I mean I had a lot of fun at the Japanese server despite I barely read any Japanese, it would be just wonderful if Aeriagames will host this game. XD
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