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15 Aug 2012
Veroia Greece
PostedSep 27, 2012 5:46 pm

advanced settings!

i would appreciate if someone could say what all that settings in advanced tab do.

I want your opinion about whats the best settings for performance (scrims/tournaments)
and what settings is the best for appearance. (best graphics of ava)

I mostly want to know about depth of field, crepuscular rays, V-Sync (what they are doing).

I got 200fps with frame stabilize but some people playing with V-Sync and they gets 120fps(my fps are 60 in V-sync why? and what they did for get more fps iam hearring something about gpu settings)
is it true that shader 2 normal is faster than shader 3?

What do u prefer 800x600 or 1024x768 (i am playing in 1024x768 but alot good players playing
with 800x600 i dont get it becuse this res is blurred)

thx for the help in advance,
do not mind my English^^' .


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25 Jul 2012
United Arab Emirates
PostedOct 01, 2012 12:01 am
I don't play with clans n' all but I can tell you what the advanced settings do.

Depends on your PC really. I run the game maxed on 100-180 FPS with my current set up.

V-sync - It is used to cap your FPS to your monitor's refresh rate (Your monitor is 60 Hz, the ones that get 120 FPS have 120 Hz) in order to prevent screen tearing.

I suggest turning off V-sync because it adds input lag. (Mouse/control lag)

You can use Nvidia Inspector to cap your FPS to 59 (1 FPS short of your refresh rate) without any input lag if you get a lot of screen tearing, that is if you're using an Nvidia GPU.

Frame stabilize - It is rather misleading, I think a more accurate name for it would be "multi-core rendering". It allows the game to use all of your cores to render frames, hence the higher FPS and overall performance.

Shader Model 3.0 - 3.0 is obviously newer and more advanced than 2.0 hence the better graphics. It's user preference if your PC can handle it.

Anisotropic Filter - It makes textures look a lot clearer and sharper. The higher the setting is, the farther (Distance-wise) it affects textures. It has barely any performance hit so I'd suggest keeping it at 16x.

Light - Complex light source allows the game to use multiple dynamic lights in order to display shadows n' all that.

Shadow - Use (Real time) means that it'll have dynamic shadows rather than simple static ones on most objects. I prefer this setting because players' shadows sometimes help me spot them around corners and such. Lower settings are pretty self-explanatory.

Antialiasing - Removes jagged edges on stuff. I recommend keeping it at 8x. The improvement at 16x isn't really notice-able.

Bloom - It's the bright glow of light on surfaces, the sky and such. I prefer it off because I find that it just hinders my vision. Example pic for Bloom:

Fog - Pretty self-explanatory. I just turn it off.

Color correction - Makes the game's colors look much better.

Depth of Field - The blur on your gun n' such when you ADS. (Like camera focus) I also find this distracting like Bloom so I turn it off.

Crepuscular Rays - A pic would explain it much better:

Special effect detail - Name explains itself.

Enhance special effects - Just like above.

Smooth Frame Rate - Introduces input lag. I recommend turning it off.
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