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30 Jul 2012
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PostedSep 25, 2012 1:06 pm

[Event] Score Master!

The maintenance on September 25th to next maintenance


Players will get corresponding scores from specified events within event period of time and these scores will be accumulated in score rankings. We’ll list the rank based on the total scores.

Specified events:
1. Scores from wheel (1 time large spin will gain 10 scores; gain 1 score on small wheel; no score from free spin)

2. Astrology book scores (gain 10 scores by using 1 astrology book)

3. Getting 1 Red hero card by any method shall gain 5 scores

4. In advanced transmutation, transmuting red equipment, you will gain 10scores; transmuting a red gem, you will gain 5 scores.
Transmuting orange equipment, you will gain 3 scores; transmuting an orange gem, you will gain 2 scores.

5. Completing a level-S bounty quest, you will gain 10 scores; completing a level-A bounty quest, you will gain 5 scores.

We've added MSN’s Dream Pack and MSN’s Fantasy Pack in the score shop.

1. Score rankings shall be updated in each 30 minutes, thus what you see is probably not what you gain
2. The score you left from last events can also be used in this time.
3. If you’d like to check your current scores, please inquire it from Score Mall

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