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17 Aug 2012
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Tips for new players

Basics survival for AVA.
Ava tips: (For Free to Play Players)
1.) Find the right gun for you. find one that you like and will have fun with. there are two main type of guns: Tap, and spray. tap are ones with high recoil and require tapping of the mouse in order to remain control. they are the high damage per shot guns. Spray guns are easier to use, but they do less damage per shot. just aim and fire away.

2.) aim (chest or head)

3.) In co-op missions, always keep moving. if you stand in one spot, you're more likely going to get kill.

4.) Don't worry too much about armor. supply armor will do just fine. (maybe get infection uniform if you are going to do AI a lot).

5.) One Grenade from supply is good enough. Prison break escape give you M67 Grenade (1day) for just 1 box.

6.) Capsule shop weapons: BP reduce the price of capsule by 50%, do your daily, earn BP, before you buy capsule, otherwise you'd go broke really fast.

7.) Know where you are, if you're sitting in the open, you're going to get kill really fast.

8.) Don't take them head on. Flank them, camp, or shoot and hide.

9.) Throw a grenade! guess your enemy location, and throw. don't stand in the open and throw, because you're sitting duck when you hold a grenade.
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