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17 Mar 2012
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PostedSep 12, 2012 6:57 pm

Extra's poetry corner!

Because I like showing my horrid poems. c:
Fair warning: My poems aren't exactly the best, and they have nothing to do with EE.


Creeping Through the Woods.
Tip toe through the woods,
dodge the trees and duck under the branches,
It's hurricane season and Hard has broke loose.
Don't let the bloodhounds hear you,
they'll announce your location to the world,
best count your blessings, you're not dead yet.

Take a deep breath and break into a mad dash,
head out into the wide open area, it's a warzone baby,
and you're the main target. Don't stop running,
or it'll be the end of your life.

A forest is just 50 meters ahead, you'll be safe there,
You're just inches away and you can smell the fresh pine,
behind you, you can hear gunshots, and screams,
Welcome to the forest, hide behind that tree,
dig a hole and stay in there for a few moments,
the troops will rush past you, and that'll be your time.
Strike now, ready your bow, aim for the head,
and release, you hit dead on now get out of there,
they don't know your location yet.

Climb up a tree and roost there for the night,
don't make any sudden movements,
the hounds have sensitive hearing,
They've called in the helicopters now,
the soldiers on the ground are still scouting,
you're safe, for now.

Hours pass and they start clearing out the area,
Make your grand exit from here,
run away, run to your house, run to a safe haven.
They've given up on the search, you're safe.
You're safe... You're safe...
You're safe.  


Sharp pains electrifying through your mind,
intensifying every moment it's there.
Though you can't stop it,
It's there, and will remain there until you pass it.
The only problem is, you don't know how,
or even where to start.

So it feels like it'll be there forever,
and you can't bear it. It hurts,
and you want it to end.
your brain detaches itself from reality,
then you're delved into a manic nightmare.

Dreams of wars, murder, and violence,
flood you every minute.
It tears your sanity in two,
then in fourths, eights.
Soon you're babbling in your chair,
not sure what reality is,
or even what fiction is.

Amidst these turmoils your friends try,
to help your cause, to show you the light.
It'd be wise to follow them to the haven,
but you don't trust, in case it's a trick.
Your hole is dug, deeper and deeper,
and then you find you can't escape.
The pain is too much for you to handle,
then comes the sinking feeling in you,
the feeling you get when you know that
something is wrong but you can't place what.

The only thing you wish is for it to end,
there is no stop in sight and it sucks.
All you need to do is to fight the violent urges,
and to just make the pain, hurt, and anger disappear.


Shooting Fear The Evil Eye

Within our life we all face fear,
all the way through out it.
We give into our silly boogeymen,
all those ghosties and goblins,
that are just coats and clothes in our closet.

Isn't it so foolish to think they're real?
Now from these childish fear sprouts real fear.
Death, disease, and murder.
These are real, and these are worth fearing.
They make you remember those bone chilling nights.
The bone chilling nights that you experienced as a child.
All the fear and panic floods back to you,
a life time of agony enters your mind and blocks reason.

Fear is something we can't change,
but we can do something about it,
we can add hope into fear to make it work,
Hope, that's all we really need now days.
That small glimmering light floating in your mind,
it'll take you the way to pure unending bliss.

The next time we experience pain,
find that peaceful place in your mind,
and remember that you'll be fine.
Your fears will diminish and you'll know fact from fiction.
Things will become okay.
This state of being, is what some would call heaven.

Hopefully they're not too dark or inappropriate for the forums. ._.;



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05 Oct 2010
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PostedSep 20, 2012 10:49 am
Beautiful. :3


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17 Mar 2012
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PostedSep 20, 2012 11:49 pm
iBambi wrote:
Beautiful. :3  

Thank you, tons dear.

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