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PostedAug 24, 2012 6:19 pm

Phoenix In Game Raffle Time!

9PM-9PM PST 8/25-8/26! -----Winners Listed-------
Its time for an awesome InGame Raffle.The prize will be a Elemental lapis Lv1 Chest!!! To enter this Raffle all you need to do is purchase Conquest Firecracker from the Santa Girl NPC in Bootleggery. Additional Santa Girl NPC's will also be spawned in 1-15 and 20-30 Borderlands.

The raffle begins at 9:00PM PST, August 25th

The raffle ends at 9:00PM PST, August 26th

2 Users will win a Elemental Lapis Lv1 Chest! 1 Top Spender and 1 Random Winner.

1) Each purchase of a Conquest Firecracker from the Santa Girl NPC, will count as 1 entry
2) The Raffle ticket item is priced at around 10 Million gold .
3) There is 1 top spender and 1 random winner for a total of 2 Winners!
4) This is a raffle for GOLD only. Only Conquest Firecrackers purchased for the Santa Girlt will count as a raffle Entry.
5) Multiple vendors will be spawned in The AH and Proelium and Cantabilian. Remember only Conquest Firecrackes will count as an entry into the raffle.
6) Only one winning draw per person will be allowed. The same person cannot win multiple times

7) If you participate you do not need to send in a ticket notifying us. We will check and verify the winners of the Raffle and then the winners will be posted.

Top Spender

There is also an AP version of this Raffle! Click Here

This In Game Raffle is for the Phoenix Server Only!
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