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30 Jul 2012
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PostedAug 23, 2012 1:19 pm

[Ended] Extra Rewards!

From the maintenance on August 23rd to 23:59:59 on August 28th

To show gratitude to faithful players like you, COG team has prepared attractive extra rewards this time. Come and participate in the event to receive the special gift.

During the event time, recharge as much as you can to accumulate to the amount listed below to receive your extra bonus gifts.

Recharge at least 1000G will receive: Extra Rewards Pack *2
Recharge at least 5000G will receive: Extra Rewards Pack *12
Recharge at least 10000G will receive: Extra Rewards Pack *25
Recharge at least 15000G will receive: Extra Rewards Pack *40

Extra Rewards Pack:
1. Players will obtain at least an orange gem and have chance to get a red gem plus an orange hero card or the Zodiac Hero Card “Leo”.
2. Players can at most obtain one red gem plus Zodiac Hero Card “Leo” rather than two gems or two hero cards.

1. Players will get the rewards based on the final accumulative amount of gold they have recharged. For example, if you recharge totally 6000G, you will get Extra Rewards Pack *12.
2. Bonus gold obtained in other recharge events will not be counted into the calculation of the final amount.
3. The rewards will be issued to the corresponding players at 0:00 on August 29th.
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