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09 Aug 2011
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PostedAug 24, 2012 11:50 am

Re: current version bug

abakada05 wrote:
"If you unclick both options, then no pearls will be transferred. However, level and attributes will.

If you choose only the first option, like in the image below, then only the first 4 pearls will be transferred, sub-pearls will not be. Level and attributes will also be transfferred. "

when i do unclick both options, the bug is that it still acts like the second paragraph i copied.

this has been my appeal, but has not yet been resolved even after many maintenances.

When converting from one outfit to another, the opening (as seen to
be a yellow text) on the "dante hole" DOES NOT convert to the other outfit
as an open dante hole (yellow text). This screenshot shows my outfit with
ALL harm in yellow with 2 dante holes. This othe picture
shows the outfit i wish to convert with; it has ALL quick, with 2 dante
holes. Now I
unchecked the option box here so that what will
happen is that ALL the quicks including the dante holes of quick in the
other outfit will be ACTIVATED. After I press confirm convert, it does NOT
happen as it should, as seen in the tho following shots.
As you can see, the yellow text on the dante hole for harm did not
transfer. This is a bug, and other players have been complaining about it

Abakada05 - According to your screen shots, everything should be correct. If you unclick both boxes, the only things that will transfer are the +12 and the +50gem bonuses.

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