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30 Jul 2012
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PostedAug 13, 2012 7:43 pm

Car Classes – Handling, Acceleration & Top Speed

Last week we posted a teaser about the upcoming feature Car Classes. We said that it is going to be a huge, game changing feature that is going to have an effect on a lot of other features in Need for Speed World. Today, we are going to start talking about how Car Classes affects those other features staring with Car Ratings and how your cars’ handling, acceleration and top speed fit into Car Classes.

To begin with, a car’s overall rating is based on its handling, acceleration and top speed (known as ‘H.A.T.’) stats. When we first started working on Car Classes we knew that we would need to improve the current H.A.T. rating system so that’s what we did. We revisited and fine-tuned the system so that it is a more accurate representation of the cars actual performance. As a result of this fine-tuning most (if not all) cars will have different H.A.T. values than what you’re used to seeing in the game.

So now that we’ve got an accurate car rating system we can start classing all the cars into one of the six car classes. Cars are no longer bracketed into tiers, car tiers will not exist after Car Classes is released. Instead, cars will fall into one of the classes below based on their overall rating:

‘E’ Class = 0 – 249 rating
‘D’ Class = 250 – 399 rating
‘C’ Class = 400 – 499 rating
‘B’ Class = 500 – 599 rating
‘A’ Class = 600 – 749 rating
‘S’ Class = 750 – 1000 rating

It’s important to note that cars will not restricted to just one class; they will move between classes as you add / remove performance parts onto them. For example, you can take a ‘D’ Class car and upgrade up to ‘B’ Class by adding better performance parts onto it. Similarly if you remove those parts from your car it will drop back to its original class. This is purely an example; you’ll have to try different combinations of performance parts to see how far you can push a car!

There will also be instances where cars will not be able to drop a class, i.e. any cars that start at ‘S’ Class.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk a bit about how car classes affects the cars in terms of pricing, in-game cash cars, driver levels and more. Stay tuned!


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21 May 2014
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PostedOct 21, 2014 12:18 am
There's a limit to how much time and patience i'm willing to invest learning a car. The 350Z's bumper cam is so horrible that I got rid of it after 2 races... Waste of 600k money...
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