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04 Dec 2009
PostedAug 08, 2012 7:31 pm

Levelling Event Suggestion

A little nudge of improvement is needed
Let's get down to it. Less than 1 month, most people are preparing to go back to school / college and 5 big wall levels to overcome.

That's a little bit too much dont you think? I get from your stand point be it a way to make people use charms or whatever that is your right but the levelling event with prizes such as halo and halcyon only wont really be productive. Halo let's say costs around 5-6k, Halcyon 2k each the other stuff like bags and what not well they're not really "big" items.

If you really want people to grind like mad which I have no problem on, shouldn't you offer an event exclusive item?

I mean people do / join events not for crummy stuff they can get elsewhere. They join events because they can get something they cant get anywhere else

Am I right? XD I for one will not be racing to 70 but to those who are. Won't you make it worth their time and sleepless nights by at least giving them something special?

Suggestions include a flying mount to the first player to hit 70 XD and maybe a prime mount or special pet to the others. Make it worth their while and people will participate. Give them something they can get elsewhere most people will just sit it out
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