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One time I threw a bomb in DDTank so far it blew up a ship in Pirate Galaxy. Just thought you should know.


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Happy 2nd anniversary ^o^

I tried x_x
Haze finished beating Nepenthor just as Shiro and his team approached him, “Aww we were too late q_q” “Just beat him ^^” as Shiro and his team stood there haze went out of the boss dungeon he sensed that something was wrong , but he was too late ... Nepenthor hit him with a magic bolt and he was sent flying to a whole different universe.

Through the journey Haze had apparently fallen asleep; he woke up to the sight of a soccergoal missing him by inches.. he noticed the wind was unusually strong, “ I missed -_-“ Haze quickly got up and ran for his life running from blue mines, sharp cabbages, a flipping metal fridge and to top it all of soccergoals he noticed that there was still the water gun he had saw and authentically thought that he could take out some people ..

Haze grabbed the water gun and there seemed to be buttons on it .. "+1 , x3 , +2 , +50 , +40 , +30 , +20 and +10.. he also realised that he had what looked like a ice bomb , a health potion and probably a kind of invisible spell that would be incredibly useful.

Haze clicked the +1 , +50 and +30 buttons and aimed at one person , the person was taken out easily.

Then for some reason unknown to Haze everyone there starting running away , then he saw the massive shadow behind him the shape was nearly the same as a phoenix ..

He whispered into his tele-communicator "Some help now o.o?" just as the "phoenix" was about to stamp him down to the ground he suddenly teleported.

He seemed to be at a more "peaceful" environment at least , he just realised that there were various buildings around him such as the "Game House" , The "Boatyard" , "Firing Range", "League" , "Shop" , "Wedding Chapel" , "Dojo" , "Armory" , "Spa" , "Hall of Fame", and finally "Community"

He entered the "Game House" and went into one of the many 100s of chambers, and was just waiting for some reason unknown to him.
Until ! !

Haze realised that a battle was starting and the other person was "first" and that particular person started shooting blue mines out of an dragon cannon .
"Oh god no."

It was a long and tedious battle but Haze won after the opponent ran out of aa's which was a unknown item to him, it had costed him his health potion and his invisible spell but it was worth it , Haze had already started adapting to this new world , now all that was left was his freeze bomb which was totally useless.


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it was another week day when Alik the kingdom hero was off in a battle against the demon forces it was a 3 hour march and with his ebony drake behind him he felt like god until he arrived that was by mistake he had arrived at demon's main kingdom
in the tongue of the dark elf dragons Alik order 500 of his finest dragon to fly over the kingdom i see what forces lay behind the walls as the dragons flew over massive bangs that could of pop the ear drums of a dwarf was all that could be heard, the gates to the demon city opened and out rolled the demons in Tik-tanks screams were all that could be heard then a flash Alik woke up a a tavern his army destroyed 6 of his entire fleet had live
Made by SiKsEnSi
Games: dragon crusade & command and conquer
thank you for reading



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note: Games: GA, DDTank, CoG. Text statistics: Words: 807; Characters with spaces: 4392. There had to be another word instead of "Pandemonium" but it was filtered o_O

Let's make her our mistress!

Few moons passed since our journey began. It was one way, though we didn't know that in the start. Just on the second week of marching we were caught up with our scouts led by Friedrich. He said our homeland is burnt to ground and we have nowhere to come back. Also we didn't get in touch with our sire for a long time. My champion, Monty, thinks we were just abandoned. Great insult to me, princess of Laurel.

Today in the forest we found something mystical. Our mages said it's a portal. But they couldn't tell where will it take us to. We have nowhere to go so we decided to try this portal.

Portal took us to Pandemonium. It was what I thought first. But soon, we noticed there were living humans there. Seems, one of our heroes is missed. That stupid fairy probably got lost in mystical streams with her small troop of archers. Also mages were too slow, so we left them to march while we were rushing to a town we noticed. Quitely, we entered port town and hid ourselves in the shades of town dusk. I took Friedrich and Monty to scout this town.
We secretly invaded the biggest building at central square. Lots of doors were discovered inside. We opened one and saw hellish scenery again. Everything around had the brightest colours I've ever seen. There was a bridge there and two humans at opposite ends of it. First human was huge guy, wearing black clothes and holding something mostly similar to huge musket. Another figure was tiny, it was a girl. She was holding a case, similar to one of those our doctors usually have. Big black figure shoot and the girl was knocked down. Seems, some magic kept her from lethal wounds. In tears, the girl took a scalpel (so it really was doctor case) and threw it to black coat guy but he just laughed while easily reflecting that attack.

"This fight looks kind of unfair, doesn't it?" I've thought aloud and shuddered when felt slight breath on my ear.
"Sure, honey. And I have an interesting idea," Friedrich whispered.
"I'll kill you, Thief! Don't dare to approach Her Highness!" Monty was in great anger while I was in great confusion. Friedrich jumped off me and continued the topic:
"Don't you think we need a new sire? This black figure seems too strong, but we can persuade tiny one. If we move now and save her from being cooked with this musket."

Save her? Great idea but there are only three unarmed heroes here and no time to bring soldiers. Black figure raised his weapon and aimed. Suddenly, a woman in golden coat appeared before the girl.
"Don't cry, my dear! I am the Golden Shield, Ashley my name. I'll protect you."
Battle mages surrounded Ashley and our future sire with protection magic.
"It's unfair! I want to have a fun too!" And large troop of elves stuffed confused black coat guy with huge number of arrows. Plum fairy ArMui appeared on the battlefield.
"Sorry, I sneezed while teleporting and got to a weird land. There I found these bored elves. They said that I'm their Call of God and decided to join me. And when it happened, we were brought here by a last magic stream."
These faires are always such a pain in... Ahem! I'll slap her later. Now we have to persuade this little girl. What a joke! It was always the rule: sires have to persuade us, heroes, to lead their armies. But now we don't know how to get out of here so we have no choice.

Little girl, due to her curiousity, easily agreed to lead us. After we put golden crown on her head, our mages noticed new mystic portal. And it was unreachable to us: I will never agree to climb those horrible rocks. When we told our sire about that problem, she laughed:
"Everybody get here and link arms with your buddies." Young sire took a paper sheet and made a paper bird. She called it "Teleport Plane". She threw it towards the mystical portal and when the bird reached it, we were all together sucked into it.

Now we have a new town that Lord Bernard assigned to us. And we have new mistress, though it's a long-long way to educate her. But at least she likes our land and doesn't want to go back to her "DDTanks" (it was how she called her previous occupation) life. So I hope she will lead us to the brave new age. To the Golden Age.

P.S. There was a huge ruckus when our brand new mistress confiscated the trophy musket from Friedrich. But he secretly told me that our elite bracers already copied it...


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The war in side me

Is about A.V.A ( new aeria game ) and Wolf team
This history begins long time ago, when 2 best friends for first time used weapons, both was growing up together, they learned to use weapons by traning, then after a long time both guys got a very good potential in something about weapons, StyleDrako the more younger guy was 1 of the best humans with skills of sniper weapon and knife, Moshi the more older guy was very proffessional with riffle's and to kill enemies without make any noice, one day they taked different ways, StyleDrako joined to US army and Moshi joined to NRF army, now they was enemies, for a long time, they wasnt near,but then both have the same mission, StyleDrako needed to found a girl Eva Maria and save she, Moshi have to found the same girl, but he needs to kill she, they meet again when they founded the girl but they didnt take her, becase both fell in love of her, Moshi taked her far away from StyleDrako, but StyleDrako tryied to save she, but Moshi was more stronger than him, so StyleDrako remember a old friend who can change his form and becomes more stronger, StyleDrako founded his friend and he told him what happend and asked him for the same habilities, his friend accepted to transform StyleDrako into a werewolf, then after StyleDrako becomes a stronger werewolf, he looked for Moshi, he follow him until he gots him, StyleDrako killed Moshi and he ate Moshi and save the girl who he loves, but after that his friend calls StyleDrako, he say that he forgot something to say, he say to StyleDrako that if eat human meat, he will had to eat human meat everytime the full moon its there, StyleDrako got crazy, he lost his mind, he wanted to be again a human, but now it was late, the girl was there watching how he was getting crazy, she tryied to calm down he, but he only was getting more angry, he lost all his mind and atacked her, he killed her. He looked how he was killing her, he started to cry, but now it was too late, now he has become and dangerous human, he hand nothing to live, he lost all he loved, his best friend and the girl who he loves, all of them killed by him, One night with full moon after 5 years, in the anniversary of he and his best friend Mpshi he remember when he killed him and innocent girl,in his mind he was thinking to suicide, because only doing that he could say "i´m sorrry my friend, i'm sorry Eva Maria". He didnt wait more time and he committed suicide, again he was happy because he meet his best friend and Eva Maria,now all was like before, they was together again...end..

my apologies if some words are writed wrong, because my main language is in spanish and im still learning english ^^..please enjoy my history.

Temanme StyleDrako


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The Murder of King Valcroy

Starring: GMAcademy, GSTiff, GSSaiYuki, GMHadouken, GMZeal, GMTK421, and PM Amugi! :D My entry XD
It was a dark and sad day for the Vidalians. King Valcroy was murdered, his body laying in the street below, no pulse, no movement. All of a sudden SaiYuki pushes through the crowd and demands to know what happened. "He was murdered!" Says Claire. "Murdered?? By Who?!" Asks SaiYuki. "No one knows, they were wearing a mask!" added Darwin. "We must find out who did this!" Yells SaiYuki. SaiYuki then got up and walked away. The next morning SaiYuki went over to Tiff's house, which was located in The Tree of Life. He knocks on the door and Tiff answers. "Hey Sai, what's up?" she asks. "You didnt know? King Valcroy was murdered Yesterday!" SaiYuki adds. "Oh my goodness! I didn't know!" she says. "Its a tragedy, it really is" adds SaiYuki. "I need your help to find out who did this to our beloved king." says SaiYuki. Tiff then nods, "You can count me in!" she adds. They then head off to search for clues.

Later that evening both SaiYuki and Tiff were walking through The Glimmering Plains, it was dark and quiet and very creepy. All of a sudden they hear something in the bushes across from them! "Who's there?!" Yells SaiYuki "Show yourself!" Tiff adds. They slowly walk towards the bushes weapons drawn and all. "Show yourself now! Last Warning" Tiff yells out. No answer from behind the bushes. They both jump behind the bushes. "Aw its just a cute little rabbit" says Tiff. They both get up and brush themselves off. As SaiYuki turns around, BAM! He is hit in the face! "Hahaha, you guys think we would let you find who killed King Valcroy?" says the mysterious stranger. Tiff then roundhouse kicks the mysterious stranger. He Stumbles a bit then shoots Tiff with an Arrow. Tiff Screams and pulls the arrow out of her leg, and falls to the ground. "Tiff are you ok? "Yells SaiYuki "Im fine go go" adds Tiff. SaiYuki then gets up and punches the mysterious stranger in the head, He stumbles and falls to the ground. SaiYuki then kicks the strangers bow away and his dagger and gets on top of him and takes off his hood. The Mysterious Stranger is GMTK421! "I had a feeling it was you TK!" Yells Tiff. "Who sent you?!!" SaiYuki yells. No response. SaiYuki kicks him in the ribs and then asks again. "Who sent you?!!!" Once again no response, SaiYuki then goes to kick him again, but then TK yells out "Please dont kick me again! It was GMZeal who sent me!" "Zeal...." SaiYuki quietly says to himself. He gets up and drags TK to a nearby tree and ties him to the tree. "You're not going anywhere anytime soon" SaiYuki says. "Tell me where Zeal is" he adds. "Im not telling you anything else!" TK yells and spits in SaiYuki's face. SaiYuki gets up and wipes the spit off of his face and walks over to Tiff and helps her up. "You sure your ok tiff?" he asks. "Yes its just a small wound" She adds. She then wraps a bandage around her leg, and limps over to where TK had dropped his bag. She then grabs the bag and goes through it, she finds a journal. "Maybe we can find out where Zeal is hiding in here" she says to SaiYuki. They Both look through the journal and are horrified by what they had just read. "It was Zeal all along, he had planned the murder, then planned to have TK Kill us too!" says SaiYuki. "We must Find Zeal before he can hurt anyone else" Tiff adds. They then head back to starglade.

The next Day SaiYuki and Tiff are seen heading into the Starglade Pub. Once they are in there they see GMHadouken and GMAcademy sitting inside, enjoying a nice cold drink. Tiff walks up, "We need your help, we found out who killed King Valcroy" "Who was it??" They ask. "It was GMZeal" SaiYuki adds in. "ZEAL??" They yell out. "Where is he, we must find him!" Academy yells slamming her drink down. "He is in Derum Pass, in the province of Nadirim." Says Hadouken. "How did you know that?" Tiff and SaiYuki add. "Its where me and GMDredd fought to the death 10 years ago" he says. "I know the way lets go before he finds out we are coming" They then head out to Derum Pass in Nadirim.

The next evening they have finally arrived. "Follow me" Hadouken says. They quietly walked through the fields to an abandoned palace and hid behind some rocks. "Ok, so there are guards watching the palace." he says. "Here. There. Over there, and right there." he points. "Tiff i need you to take down Guard 1 and 2 with your Bow" he adds. "Got it boss" she says. "Academy i need you to use your magic to take down Guards 3 and 4" "Ok" She says. Tiff then quietly sneaks off with Academy. They slowly approach the side of the building and see guard number 1. Tiff takes out her bow and shoots him right in the neck. "Guard number 1 down" She says. They slowly proceed to guard number 2. She begins to raise her bow to take out guard number 2, but then her and academy are ambushed. A group of Marauders have attacked them! Academy begins to chant, she is preparing to do a spell! "Hurry academy! I cant hold them off much longer!" Tiff yells. "Deprimo!!" Academy yells. As she said that, a giant blast of wind blew the Marauders off their feet! "Impedimenta!!" Academy then yells. A giant ice storm appears out of nowhere and ice shards start raining down upon the Marauders. They are killed as the ice shards hit them. "Phew!" says Tiff "Thanks for saving us back there" she adds. "No problem" Academy adds. Then they continue to take out the guards as planned then meet back up with Hadouken and SaiYuki.

"Where have you guys been?" Hadouken asks. "We ran into a bit of trouble" Tiff Adds. "Trouble?" SaiYuki and Hadouken ask. "Marauders" Academy chimes in. "But they were no match for me and my magic ban staff" She says giggling. Everyone then laughs. "Oh you and your Banning Staff Academy" They say. They then plan on getting into the palace. "How are we going to get in?" SaiYuki asks. "We are going to scale the walls and enter through the window on the roof of the palace" says Hadouken. "Lets go!" He adds. They all run very quietly towards the side of the palace. They finally get to the wall and start to climb. "We must be quick, they will soon come looking for their guards" Hadouken says. So they begin to rush. All of a sudden Tiff looses grip and lets go but manages to grab on to the fall in time. "You ok Tiff?" They all yell. "Yes im fine, just slipped!" She says. They finally get to the roof and enter through the window on the roof.

"Its too quiet in here" Academy says. "Indeed it is" Hadouken adds. All of a sudden a horde of watch dogs, appear from around the corner and chase after them. "RUN!" Says Hadouken. So they all start to run. "Now would be a good time to use a spell Academy!" Says SaiYuki. "Im working on it!" She says. She then turns around to cast her spell. "Incendio!" She yells. A giant flame then appears from out of nowhere and incinerates all the watch dogs. "Thanks Academy!" They say. As they continue walking through the dark and quiet corridors of the palace, the come across, the dungeon. In the dungeon were various prisoners. "Amugi??" Tiff says. "Tiff! Hadouken! Sai! Academy! You have come to save me!" Amugi yells out. "Yes we have" Hadouken adds. "Thank you so much!" she cries out. "What did zeal do to you Amugi?" Academy asks. "He had captured me and many other Product Managers and forced us to give him whatever items he wanted. It was horrible" she said. "There, there" Tiff says and Hugs Amugi. "We need you to wait here while we go find zeal" Hadouken said. "Ok, just please come back for me!" Amugi adds. They start walking towards the other corridor and tiff turns and says "We will Amugi dont worry".

They now begin walking down this dark corridor which eventually leads to a stairwell. "Do you think he is down here" SaiYuki asks. "He is down here... I know it... He has to be... there is no where else." Hadouken adds. "Be prepared guys for whatever might be down there" Tiff adds. They then begin their dark descent within the palace. Ten minutes pass by and they finally reach the bottom. "Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Academy, Hadouken, Tiff and SaiYuki." a voice says. They turn and see zeal sitting across this giant room that is split in two by a deep trench. "You are all fools! You cannot defeat me The Almighty Zeal!" "We can and we will defeat you" SaiYuki yells. "We shall see about that" Zeal adds. All of a sudden the door to the stairway seals shut behind them and guards start appearing. "What is this sorcery!" yells Tiff. "This is called Dark Magic" Zeal says. "You see i can control what i want, when i want" he adds. "Guards! Attack them!" Zeal yells! "Prepare yourselves!" Hadouken screams. They all take out their weapons and get ready to fight for their lives. The guards finally reach them and start to attack. Academy is off in the corner fighting guards, "Sectumsempra" She says. The guards then fall to the ground. "Good Job" Hadouken yells while defending himself. All of a sudden Hadouken becomes surrounded! "Dont worry Hadou, i got this!" Tiff Yells. "Confringo!" She yells. All of the guards suddenly burst into flames and fall to the ground. "Thanks! They almost got me there!" said Hadouken. SaiYuki all of a sudden yells "Crucio!" all of the guards in his path, fall to the ground in a tremendous amount of pain and end up dying.

They all look at SaiYuki. "What?" He says. "We didnt know you knew Magic" They said. "Well Now you do" he adds. They then look towards Zeal. "Your guards are no match for us" they yell. "You will never get me!" he yells. "Expulso!" he screams. It destroys the bridge that was connecting the two halfs together. "Hahahaha Now you cant get me!" he snickers. He then summons more guards! "Guards attack!!" The guards then run towards Academy, SaiYuki, Hadouken and Tiff. "We cant just sit here and fight these guards all day" Academy says. "You are right" Hadouken adds. "Tiff you know what to do" he says. Tiff then nods and runs towards the guards. They try to attack her but she is too fast for them. As she is running she sees the edge of the room that leads to the trench. She then jumps up to the wall and pushes herself off of the wall, flips and then lands on the other side by Zeal. "What?!" Zeal says getting up. "How did you do that?" he adds. She then runs up to him and casts a spell. "Legilimens!" She Shouts. She then enters Zeals mind. She see's everything that he has ever done. She is horrified. As she continues to keep hold on Zeals mind, she yells to Academy. "Academy! Take the shot i dont know how much longer i can hold him!" "Avada Kedavra!" Academy yells. The spell hits Zeal. Tiff then flies backwards, being let go from Zeals mind. Zeal slowly falls to his knee's, then dies. "YES! We did it!" Yells SaiYuki. "Nice shot Academy" Says Hadouken. Tiff then gets back up and jumps back over to the other side. They then go back up the stairs and to the dungeon to get Amugi. As they are leaving the palace they notice a room, they enter it and see a Seiryu. They all get on the Seiryu and then leave the palace never to look back.

Later that evening they are all seen In Starglade celebrating the death of Zeal. SaiYuki then walks up to Academy, Tiff and Hadouken. "Thank you guys, without you all we would have never found out who murdered King Valcroy and wouldnt have defeated Zeal". SaiYuki then bows before them and Walks off into the Moonlight.

The end XD

And yes i used a few spells from harry potter XD


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The invasion in Crystal Saga

In the beginning of time, where the world is corrupted and everyone is wrapped in utter chaos. A warrior named Kukune arises, to mend the broken, and correct the injustice that plagued the beautiful world of aeria.

It is beyond anyone's logic that this pitiful creature will rise above and take a one step closer to the throne of glory. But no few would dare to face the corrupted emperor of mardicus and the undead war chief.

The heavens and the land roar, as Kukune began his adversary, one day an inevitable battle with the undead warchief was on sight, Kukune was at his limit pondering on the last 3 bullets from his +12 nugget. Will it hit, will it not is out the question, a mystical elf then appeared. Arise warrior the battle is not done, not all is lost for retreat. Drink this mystical potion and go forward.

"But I am already at my limit", said kukune. Nonsense! the final battle is yet to come! said the mystical elf.

Using the remaining ounce of strength, our heroin Kukune preses on and ignited the defeated the corrupted undead warchief.

Alas! the battle is nigh and almost over! said our hero kune.

Fool, nigh the battle nor your victory is set in stone! corrected by undead warchief.

My death means nothing! added by the undead warchief.

Just as before the final blow is struck, the undead warchief, managed to summon his last trump card. The corrupted mardicus, ruler of the great beyond. Not knowingly, mardicus can never be tamed, the undead warchief was struck down by his own summon.

Unacceptable! I am thy master *lies defeat in his last few words*

Thou mortal shall be my master *laughs* : Mardicus

So puny rat, you claim to be the hero the shaman aeria speak of?

Aye, and I will bring the end of all who corrupts this planet! boldly added by Kukune.

Thundering roar is heard all over the land of aeria, a fierce battle between a demon and a hero had lay the island of angel to waste. Nor the hero or the demon, was prepared to loose the battle.

But with the amount of damage sustained by the hero Kukune, from his previous battle with the undead warchief the odds of victory is slim.

Driven in his limit, he was left no choice but to commence the final act, even in return his life will be the payment of this costly wager.

I am prepared to accept thy doom, if thousands will be saved in return.

Rubbish, you stand tall and proud even the odds is not on your favor mortal? Mardicus.

Hah, that what makes us mortals a step beyond your inscepid thinking. For we mortals have the power to triumph in all adversities by just believing in ourselves.

Pity, believe in whatever your petty mind can imagine. But this world will be mine for the taking.

Undetered Kune, the young hero, released his last remaining power to create struck one final blow to mardicus's temple.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh, that is still not enough to defeat me!

It was not meant to defeat you, but that last blow ignited the wick that will totally destroy you. I would not care about my own hide, as long as you the demon of this world will perish along with me.

Ghuuuuuuugh, mortal this will not be forgiven, my destruction is all but insignificant in this planet. As long as there is darkness in people's heart corruption will never ends.

That may be true, but as long as there is also purity, there will be heroes like me who will arise, to continue to battle with darkness.

An explosion in the Island of angel in a magnitude no mortal could ever imagine had transcend the world into utter oblivion. Even when our hero has fallen. He still managed to save and restore the happiness and joy in the land of aeria. That once was almost consumed by utter darkness and chaos.



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Don't mess with the GMs!

they be scary D:
On a nice sunny day in the realm of DDTank (because the weather never changes there...srsly), GS Tiff and I decided to take a day off and just do some 2v2 Sports fights against anyone that may come our way. So we formulated our tactics and started! Our first match was against some super highbies and we lost because we were dug but we kept our cool and ventured forth onto our next sports fight. When we entered the fight, we were terrified since we were going up against GM Tk421 and GM Hadouken, however we decided not to drop out and fight them anyway. 60 turns later, we managed to take out GM Hadouken by digging him and now we only had TK421 to deal with. He quickly killed Tiff with a single hit. It wasn't even powered (how crazy is that? D: ). However, I managed to dig TK421 almost to his death but I could no longer reach him so I decided to fly over to finish him off but when I did, TK421 banished me and my paper plane flew off into the air at the speed of light off the screen.

Sometime later I woke up in the Crystal Saga. I didn't realize where I was until I got up and brushed the dust off myself. I looked around and realized I was in the Crystal Ladder. I knew I couldn't do this alone so I tried to leave but the NPC told me "Sorry, you can't leave until you complete level 50 -evil grin-". As soon as I heard this, I panicked because I realized it was impossible to do alone, but at that moment, GM TK421 appeared beside me and apologized and then offered to help me. Together we cleared the floors and I was the first non-GM player to finish 50 floors but then TK421 deleted the record of that and I was sads. T_T After leaving Crystal Ladder, I mounted my mammoth and rode off into the horizons to find Starlight Story so I can play when it releases. Very Happy


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The End of Golden Age

It was dark times in Golden Land. The two largest Kingdoms; NoobsQQ and QQingNoobs, had left the world torn in two. Backroom politics and backstabbing has caused a major rift. Players yelling in the street fighting for support for their side and condemning the other side left most of the land stuck in the middle trying to put up with it.

Lord Governor Bernard had had enough and decided to end it before it killed the world. Known to only a few was a secret dark ritual of summoning that had the potential of saving the world. But there would a price. Knowing if things remained as is the world would end as we knew it Bernard decided to proceed with a sunken heart.

He gathered fifty of his court Garland Warlocks and began the ceremony. A pentagram was drawn on the ground at a barren spot in Laurel Creek with salt and seven rings of magic runes were drawn around it with fifty smaller circles formed inside them to house the warlocks completing the magic glyph. The warlocks took their places and began their dark chant. The sky darkened and the runes glowed black and crimson. In the center the pentagram split and a fiery chasm gaped the land spreading out and engulfing the entire glyph swallowing almost all of the warlocks. In horror Bernard tried to flee and fell to the ground. From the glowing abyss strange beings began to pour out. They had large heads and small bodies adorned with with strange garbs and wings that could not fly. The legion from the demonic world of DDTank had been released.

"Noble beings!" Bernard yelled trying to hide his fear, "I am the one who has summoned you to this world. I command thee to destroy the forces of the kingdoms of NoobsQQ and QQingNoobs so peace may be brought to this world." Evil grins spread over the faces of every one of the strange beings as they in unison agreed to the demand. "As you wish." they said in a whispered hiss that was not natural to any mortal's voice.

Bernard and his generals organized their new minions for war the best they could as fast as they could. Scouts reported large armies moving in from Silver Beach and Harp Lake. Somehow the waring kingdoms had discovered Bernard's plans and diverted their forces from each other towards Laurel Creek. The minions of DDTank wielded strange weapons that did not resemble anything the generals were familiar with in this world and organization was left to explaining battle formation basics and hoped they sunk in.

In the distance large armies could be seen setting up camps and organizing their ranks. The DDTankers formed their lines and readied for battle. A horn trumpeted and six blocks of troops descended. The front three blocks were composed of Pike-men on the outer two blocks with a formation of Crusaders in the middle. The rear row was three blocks of Hunters. In total it was a squadron of fifteen hundred men and women, only a portion of the total army. The DDTankers numbers only in the hundreds.

A second horn blew when the army was in position and a volley of arrows from Hunters filled the sky. The DDTankers all activated a device on them called a Gulu Shield. When the sea of arrows fell on them they were left with hardly a scratch. In retaliation the DDTankers fired two volleys from a canon like weapon the ones in the back wielded. The first volley consisted of three shots firing three metal orbs each high into the air. The second volley were three shots of single metal orbs. When they fell the ground shook from the force. Before the formation was a cloud of smoke, then from behind screams of terror and death. When the smoke cleared the land was now filled with meter deep craters that block any progress before them and smaller craters peppered the land behind them. Half the Hunters were lost. The sheer awe of the carnage brought fear to their hearts and they fled to their flanks and scattered.

From the camp another horn trumpeted and a rumbling could be heard from either side of the DDTanker's formation. One hundred Silver Armor Calvary on either side charged in with swords drawn . The DDTankers just gave a wicked smile then disappeared from view. The Calvary slid to a stop and were bewildered by this black magic. Then shots rang out in their confusion and large bricks whacked then on the side of the heads and slammed into the sides of their horses. Bolts of light rained down on them and electrified the rest of those that stood. Where the infantry and archers once stood before the horns sounded the DDTankers now crawled; teleported from their original standings. The DDTankers turned and fired on the rest of the army at the camp. The few soldiers that survived the barrage fled for their lives.

Similar incidents soon sprang all over Golden Land as more DDTankers sprang from the abyss and filled the land. Soon castles started to crumble as smaller attack units attacked while main armies were out fighting on the front lines. All that remained of once proud kingdoms were piles of strange fruit and rubble where Administration Halls once stood.
Sanctum city was the last to fall. The annoying bellows of betrayal claims turned into screams of "I NEED A WIFE" and "CAN HAVE COIN PLSS". Those that resided in Sanctum City were driven out and forced to live in the wilds hiding for their lives. Bernard, whom had caused this doom was beheaded and his head stuck to a pike along side his throne. The Golden Age had ended forever.

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