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08 Feb 2012
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08 May 2012
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War Transcends Thru Ages n Space
War a result of Power, Greed and Fame - It transcends through time from the Medieval times of The GOLDEN AGE to the futuristic STAR SUPREMACY. Maybe we can see the relationship as a progression n evolution of the individual races. Who knows the Rhine Commerce Guild might be the Seeker race in the future and the UEO = Templar in Golden Age and Althairian = Ibero Alliance? Well stay tuned to more Aeriagames to find out if the relationship exists!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!


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23 Jul 2012
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Thank you all for the submissions! I'm excited to see all the "reserved' posts turn into great community generated stories.


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01 Jun 2011
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The UnFortunaly Worlds !!!

Once apon a time there was a ....
once apon a time there was a Person Applying for a league in The DDTank World Then he Find out that he can't join any of them So he traveled to StarLight World and he joined a League and everybody was Happy.

The End,

Happy 2nd Anniversary


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08 Jun 2011
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19 Jan 2012
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19 Jan 2012
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Rolling Eyes


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27 Mar 2011
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wahahha just wanna get this over with a.s.a.p >___<
had to cut out some parts of the story >___<

W-Why? I whispered, barley coming out as a squeak. W-why did this happen? I-I Could swear, until a minute ago…..I was playing DDTANK….s-so why? Am I in …..? “Crystal Saga” a voice whispers to me as if reading my mind. A cold Shiver came down my spine as I wondered a million questions in my head, Yes after experiencing tribe warriors, gulu’s and all those monsters, I found it safer if I just kept quiet and stayed low… for who knows what might be in this world? After all I’m just a misfit who doesn’t understand this -this “crystal saga”. In other words I am also called a . It was a rather daring word to call myself for my pride is always first, but for the first time in a long while I gave my pride a rest. Before I could ask myself any more questions something caught the corner of my eye….person? Huuh? I stared but finally giving in to my curiosity I asked : What’s your name? are you also from ddtank? Who are you? Do you know where we are?( I already knew we were in crystal saga but…..I’m still kind of lost Mad). Before I could ask anymore question I smelt something burning, I looked past the “Thing” and there I saw not man not creature but a skeleton?? On fire? Finally the “thing” spoke it said : You see that? that’s an undead, there are many more out there if you don’t want to die will you become my “slave”? the thought processed through my head, I began to panick, no….NO… I screamed, WHY? WHY AM I IN THIS SITUATION? WILL SHE KILL ME? As billions of thoughts ran through my head I had never realized until I reached the exit of what it appears to be “ a cave” that I was completely surrounded by undead of all shapes and sizes. Standing in the middle is what I presumed to be the “Elite” boss? I trembled in fear, They were slowly approaching , I COULDN’T MOVE…….my heart was racing, my brain was screaming at me yelling at me: RUN, RUN YOU IDIOT YOU COULD DIE RUNN. But my legs wouldn’t budge a muscle, I thought: “this must be the end” I was almost prepared to die until that “whisper?” came again, It’s words were rather cruel and harsh but one thing I knew was it gave me “COURAGE” something I thought I never had, but it saved me: YOU IDIOT What Are You Doing? You Have That Strange Looking T.V There Don’t You? Well? THROW IT STUPID. Your Not Just Going To Give Them Your Life Are You? Standing There Like A geese, Did You Really Want To Be Eaten By Those Undead Solders? Though I must say how strange of you to be carrying a Tv around you……-never mind We shall,- save small talk for later, for now why don’t we make a little “deal” now shall we? I Shall help you with these …erugh undead in exchange you will become my “slave”? in the war against being a slave or dying I picked to be a slave, a minute later I was astounded by his power, even though he only flicked a finger, how did this whole room begin to dance in flames? How did he do it? It was so majestic as if the phoenix came itself and graced us with it’s presence, before long I had let my guards down and without realizing it an undead attacked me, I screamed as pain surged throughout my body I thought this is all my fault how could I have been so petty? Why am I so weak? The more I thought the more I got Angier I couldn’t stand it anymore my pride was getting hurt how could I watch her obtain all the glory and kill them off one by one single handedly? Without realizing I threw a fridge at the monsters finishing them with the last blow, he gawked at me. Eyes wide, as if I was some creature from another planet( well literally if you think about it I really am). Before long I saw a hint of a smile creeping upon his face, he chuckled and said I don’t think I have yet to see a TV transform into a fridge or a girl throw it as a weapon you sure as strange, for the first time I saw his smile, it was crooked but in a way charming, I couldn’t help but laugh along with him, my knees finally gave in, its been such a long and crazy day, little did I know “that smile” might be the last memory of him. After a while my vision began to blur? There was a ringing in my ear that sounded strangely like my alarm clock back home in ddtank, my eyelids felt strangely heavy, it wouldn’t open, the last image was burned in my memory, the image of “Him”. when I woke up I was in my bed back in the “ddtank” world. But now that when I think back all he wanted was probably a friend and “slave” was his way of saying it, Ah, I See, I think, ill be visiting him today, my eyes feel heavy I should close it now, run along my dear grandchild, run along, “MOMMY” MOMMY” what’s wrong with grandma? Grandma stopped talking to us D: come hurry mommy D:. As the children watched the mother approach the Grandmother who was already lifeless, a tear came down her eyes as she said:” It’s alright, Grandmothers just gone visiting “Him”, This time she wont be back, As if The wind was weeping for the deaths of her as well, a gentle breeze brushed her face as if saying, ”Goodbye my love, Hello my “Slave”.(996)


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09 Oct 2010
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A Forgotten Battle

(pun intended)
A large wonder stood towering over the surrounding landscape. Two war heroes, Theseus and Jack Benne stood at the head of their armies - they had finally conquered the wonder after eleven attacks; the enemy who held the wonder had been hard to drive out in a single rush. As sunlight (3) shined on them, the laurel wreaths (2) on their head glistened with dew - funnily enough, this had helped them learn more and grow more in terms of experience than if they had attacked without the laurel wreath.

Theseus wanted to tell Jack that had he attacked it alone with his troops, there would've been just ten waves since each battle would've been only five minutes long on solo-ing, leaving no time for the occupancy of the wonder to go up; he decided to drop it however, since they had finally won and he didn't want to ruin the moment. He looked around at his men galloping around the wonder in a lap of celebration, rangers of the Rhine commerce guild, picked for their speed over strength; he had received special training in the skills of advanced charging and advanced cavalry. Jack Benne's elite archers were busy opening the casks of brandy that Jack's sire had used to convince Jack to work under him. The scene was one of joyous revelry.

Alas, this was not meant to last, for an eerie scream filled the air. An uneasy silence fell as the troops looked at the wonder in confusion and befuddlement. All of a sudden, hordes of Forgotten poured out from within the wonder. Alas, the wonder had merely been a disguised tunnel entrance! No funds would be received from the wonder (through tourism, mayhap), nor would they be able to use it to develop their alliance. They fell back against the relentless onslaught of the technologically superior foe. They retreated a safe distance away and prepared to set up camp for night, as the Forgotten set up their own bases around the wonder/tunnel entrance.

The scene at camp that night was one of panic, but amidst all the panic, a few heroes of superior strength stayed calm. Nina Lambert, the spoilt commander of the joint armies called on the tiberium alliances for help, and they responded by sending their troops and tanks and aircraft for aid. They also airdropped supply crates that gave command points, crystals, tiberium and credits.

Two of the heroes, Ashley and Bloodhook, took over the organization of the defences and the positioning of the walls and the turrets and the anti-aircraft infantry. Jack Benne and Theseus meanwhile studied the enemy camps to identify how to destroy their command centers. Theseus decided on a path of attack with aircraft in the last two waves at the far right of the screen and a couple of distracting aircraft to the far left in the initial couple of waves, so that the mobile defences would be moved out. Jack on the other hand, took infantry and tanks. This would be a far quicker battle since there was no need to attack a forgotten base ten or eleven times. They hoped their control of the tiberium fields would give them enough advantage to help them win.

Would they have enough command points? Would they have enough repair time? Were the epic heroes from a Golden Age of a glorious past able to Command their futuristic troops and Conquer the Forgotten and establish the dominance of the Tiberium Alliances?

Stay tuned to find out in our next exciting anniversary of Aeria Browser Games! (Yeah, I realize that's about a year away, but you have to wait if you want to know! ^_^)


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02 Apr 2008
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Oberonu walked a fair distance from the crystal palace, away from the river he had a talk with Aeolous at, up to the edge of the lake. As he and Lady Pepper stood there. The war with the Dark Nemesis and having to assemble, upgrade, and lead the ultimate ship, the Ascendant Orion, in the battle of life and death for the galaxy had taken his toll on him. For now he knew it should be back to the normal family arguments and fighting that the big three alliance and the smaller alliances have done for a long time. Living between peace and war, trusting Aeolous to keep things stable until he could recover. As he stepped into the Ascendant Alpha ship, he looked back with a half smile. In his adventures the great sages have told him of other planets and cultures, a way to put things in perspective, and he was going to seek them out. So many worlds he had saved, but never met before, wondering if it was all worth the risk and if he could find any peace in the galaxy. The ship took off from the planet Leda off into space towards the first planet. He was told it was a solar system of DDTank with two planets there, the Tiger/Dragon planet depending on which faction you ask and the Phoenix planet.

Through months of travel he finally arrived to the DDTank solar system. He saw the lush lands of the Phoenix planet and figured that would be a great place to relax and met the culture, oh did he have a culture shock. He landed with one of his shuttles, looking like a rainbow phoenix had gotten ahold of it and painted it all sorts of while and ever changing colors, but the people seemed to ignore it. He got out and a buzz saw show right past his head.

Oberonu said, "Lady pepper, you might want to stay on the ship until I make sure it's safe."

Lady Pepper, "I bet if Hado sent you here then it's not."

Oberonu replied, "I would have argued until I saw the buzz saw go past my head."

Oberonu continued on until he ran into someone looked calm and serene with long black hair and blue eyes. "Hello, my name is Oberonu, what's your name?"

The woman replied, "My name is FanGirlSqueal! Nice to meet you. Here to join the festivities?"

Oberonu replied, "Party? that sounds great!"

Suddenly someone ran by moving as fast as his feet could carry him. Then suddenly a TV came flying by and then a bomb. A bomb? Then he saw two females following the poor guy throwing TV's and Bomb's from what looked like a magical bag.

Oberonu, "What did he do?"

FanGirlSqueal replied, "Oh, this is normal. He's always in trouble, but he likes the attention. Plus it seems they're celebrating early."

Oberonu stood back in shock for a second, then suddenly another girl showed up over the horizon and shot a cannon ball at the poor guy, which barely missed him by inches. The guy replied, "No nul, not now!" He ducked just in time before a tv would of hit him.

The girl replied, "Sorry, hunting for Zing again."

The guy took off running into a sprint again before the two females chasing him caught up to him.

Oberonu asked, "Is this normal?"

Fangirlsqueal replied, "Oh, he likes it. If we get angry we just bash or gash someone until one side gives up. He doesn't stand a chance."

Oberonu looked around and noticed everyone chasing others around in some armor and different household weapons and a few non-household weapons, in constant battle. He decided he had better run before they bash him on the head with something.

Oberonu took off on a sprint, yelling something in his communication device. Fangirlsqueal looked shocked and yelled, "You can't leave! I have to bash and capture you as the trophy to put on my front lawn! I can see the storyline now, leader of phoenix captures alien invader!"

Oberonu was running as fast as he could as an exploding bubble shot past him thinking, 'feet, don't fail me now'. He jumped into the ship just as the ship doors closed and they took off the planet.

Lady Pepper looked at him, "Exciting enough?"

Oberonu replied, "They were going to bash me!"

Lady Pepper replied, "I didn't realize your legacy went this far. Too bad I didn't go, I would of helped them. We can go back."

Oberonu replied, "No, alliance planet, maybe it's friendlier."

They arrived on the Alliance Tiberium planet to see many colonies spread about. When they landed someone walked up to greet them. The man replied, "Hello, my name is washman. You here to command or be conquered?"

Oberonu replied, "Visit."

Washman replied, "Bummer, I am sure you had all sorts of good stuff on your ship."

Oberonu replied, "What do you mean?"

Washman replied, "Here, you either command greatness or get conquered and the conquering gets your resources. Dog eat dog world for the brilliant and strong."

Oberonu replied, "Thank you, I am leaving now, but I know some friends who would love it here, they seem to crave strategy and conquest."

Washman replied, "Ah, good, finally a good challenge. Send them."

Oberonu replied, "I will, at least until the next galaxy war, keep them sharp."

As he got on the ship he sent a message to Pharos and others where they could play live chess with real results until the next war to keep them sharp. Lady Pepper replied, "Starlight planet then?"

Oberonu replied, "Yes, please, it sounds peaceful."

Lady Pepper replied grinning deviously, "Peaceful? On a planet Hado has sent you to? With your luck so far? We'll see..." Lady Pepper starts laughing lightly thinking, 'Oh what's next for Oberonu.'
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