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[Guide]The Time-Crossing Sage

A guide to obtaining sage.

A sage will prove your most trustworthy ally on the battlefield. Sages can rescue teammates from certain death at critical moments.

The path to acquiring the coveted class of sage is both tedious and difficult. This guide is designed to help give you an idea of what you are in for, and perhaps to help you through some of the problems or questions you will encounter along the way. While it might not be necessary to go quite so in depth, this guide will walk you through, step-by-step, unlocking the sage class. For information regarding the class itself, please see [GS]Dazzle's Sneak Peak: Time Crossing Sage topic.

What are the requirements for sage?

You must be level 69 in order to obtain the first part of the quest, but the final objective will require you to be level 70. Aside from that, there are no additional class or level-related requirements.

How do I get the quest?

Once you reach level 69, just as when you progress to a new map, an automated box will pop up that looks like this (well, that's after accepting the quest, but at least you can see the quest name). Simply accept the quest, and you're on your way!~

• Part One •

So the first thing you are going to have to do is go talk to this guy, Zephyrinus. It's the same NPC that you get the non-tradeable costume quests from! Go talk to him, and he will give you a quest to speak to Shadow Master Hillem who is located here in Aven.

After speaking to Hilldem, he will give you this quest. To complete it, simply right-click the envelopes in the quest tracker. They will take you to here, here, and here in Aven. Upon arriving at these locations, Dark Blood Assassins will spawn that you will need to kill. A boss named Finn will spawn at one of these three locations. Successful completion of the quest will prompt you to return to Hilldem and speak to him.

The next quest objective will require a bit of traveling. Make your way to Blackflame Peak and seek out Shadow Guardian Brown who is outside the entrance to the Mara Cult Altar. After completing the "Shadowers Request III" quest, Brown will give you IV that requires traveling in to the dungeon. Only, it's not the usual Mara Cult when you enter. It will be completely empty of mobs. Simply travel all the way to the end, where Foreigner Moses Dark Blood is waiting for you amidst un-attackable mobs that are floating around. Don't worry about those, we'll get to them soon.

Moses will give you this quest, which requires speaking to him and selecting the option that will start the next sequence of the quest. Mutant Beasts will spawn down the tunnel of the dungeon in groups, and those NPC mobs earlier will assist you in killing them. When Finn spawns, kill him and make sure you pick up the quest item he drops. You will need to report back to Brown once the quest is completed.

• Part Two •

Brown will hand you this quest. Travel back to Aven and speak to Hilldem once more to complete the quest and acquire the next step. Travel to Golden Plains in order to locate and speak to Reclusive Elder Benzema who is located here in the town. Right-clicking the envelope on the quest tracker will take you to the location where Finn will be summoned, and you will need to kill him in order to progress in the sage trial. Report back to Benzema, who will give you a Blood Jade Pendant to be delivered to Librarian Conan in Aven.

Conan will give you this quest. Right-click the pendant to be transported to a place that, at this stage in the game, we are all familiar with. That is correct, the next stage of the quest takes place in the 3v3 arena map. Only, you may notice some differences with this one. Mainly, you will be transformed in to the Sage King once again, and there will be dizzy-appearing NPC zumis scattered around the room. For this part of the quest, mobs will appear in the arena that you must kill. Once they have all been destroyed, Moses will appear in the center of the room, and when you speak to him, hand in the quest.

The next quest will require you to speak to Moses once more. Select the only available option in the chat window, and Moses will transform in to a monster you must defeat. Afterward, report back to Hilldem in Aven, who will give you a quest to speak to Helena, the NPC to his right (if you are looking at him) after you have acquired the accomplishment of leveling to 70.

• Part Three •

Speaking to Helena will prompt this quest. Using the item acquired from her, you will be teleported to another well-known location that we all love. You will notice that instead of being on the mainland of the dungeon, you are located on the small island where usually the final boss is located. This time, however, Kasin is nowhere to be seen. Locate Sage King Gaimaizz and speak to him. He will give you a quest that is truly delightful. It requires the killing of 80 mobs.

Speak to Gaimaizz once more and select the appropriate option to trigger the beginning of the quest. Sacred Elfs will spawn, and will keep spawning continuously, until you have either died or killed all of the required 80. Speak to Gaimaizz once more to acquire yet another quest. After that, speaking to him prompts two options, select the first one in order to trigger the next event. Moses Blood will spawn once more, and yet again you must kill him.

Gaimaizz will give you another quest, and this time you will be killing Finn. In order to get him to spawn, though, you must speak to the Sage King once again and select the appropriate option. Helena will appear and a brief cutscene later, she is the NPC you will need to speak to in order to select another option. This one will spawn Finn, whom you will need to defeat in order to progress.

Teleport back to Aven once this is done, and speaking to Hilldem will give you the what will be the most satisfying part of the quest: your reward!

Congrats, you've unlocked Sage!!



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Nice Guide
And Sage was a blast to Unlock and this isnt a bad guide as well xD


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Thanks for the post! ^_^ Sage is really good with healing and attacking opponents with their hammers. GJ
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